Monday, February 6, 2012

Working on Week #1 Decluttering Challenge is Nostalgic & Costly

I spent a good piece of the weekend(when I wasn't at Rite-Aid or the local grocery store)working on decluttering  my "Personal Space" for Carla's Challenge.

At some point on Sunday I found these among the piles of stuff in my bedroom.......ok, not the actual teenager but what he is holding.....
It's a pair of Osh Kosh overalls he use to fit into.
Pictoral proof that yes, he has grown a wee bit since he was born almost 16 years ago...birthday coming later this month.

And after moving many boxes and bags of stuff around and/or out of the room, this gave up the ghost.....

That's my beloved Oreck mini vacuum.  With all the hardwood floors in the house now, I can't imagine living here without one of these to get all the crud/dog hair/crap that piles up in the corners/crevices/edges of the floor.
We just wore the poor thing out so now I have to replace it.
Anybody have any recommendations on what they use/like for sucking edge cleaning?

This is one of the few times when I want an appliance that really SUCKS, if you know what I

Doing my whole bedroom is looking like I bit off more than I can chew within 1 week at this point.
It's kicking my butt......



  1. We have carpeting and use uprights for the most part (we have a Kirby and a Sanitaire). However, the Sanitaire came with a Sanitaire canister vac that we think works really well. Not sure where you'd get it in your area; we got ours at a place called American Vacuum.

  2. Yeah, I would say that your boy has grown. Just a little bit!
    And how about a Dyson? I know nothing about them but I got a crush on the inventor who does those commercials.

  3. I have an excellent Royal cannister. But, all the mini-vacs I have ever bought cost me $1, $2, and $3 at yard sales, great for the inside of the car. People declare them dead when something gets stuck inside....good deal for me.The one I am looking at is a Dirt Devil. I have no idea of its reputation, but it works.

    Those are precious litle overalls. I have some that my 43-yr-old son wore.

  4. OMG, I LOL with your son & his OshKosh by Gosh!

  5. Well I bet your son has gone through a few more pairs of osh koshes since he last wore those ones! That photo is beyond priceless!

  6. It is time to get rid of the tiny overalls. LOL!

    We have an Oreck upright vacuum with no attachments. Hey, I got it for free. Hubby used our old vacuum when he needed attachments. It gave up the ghost a few months ago, and he found and amazing deal on an Oreck cannister vac. We love that little baby. And when he was at the store, the salesman demonstrated that it really WILL pick up a bowling ball!

  7. Your son is a cutie! Save his overalls for his kids. Just a thought, one that is a ways away. I think that your son and mine are related. They have that same "I'm not happy" look all of the time.


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