Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

It's Sunday night, which means it's time for Chit-Chat with CARLA.
This is a shot I caught last week of my 2 goofy dogs.  Every day around 3pm Cherry the beagle lays down and rolls on her back and just lays there and waits for Penny the chihuahua to notice.  When Penny notices she comes over and starts barking at Cherry, as Penny just can't stand it when Cherry lays there belly up.  Penny yaps and yaps until I either come over and roll Cherry over and tell her to stop begging for a belly rub or I pick up Penny and give her pets.
Usually I'll just go get their dinner bowls ready and they forget all about this "one upmanship" game. 8-)

If you haven't guessed they are both female and they both want to be top


A funny book called "Do Over".  This guy goes back to watershed moments in his life that went badly and attempts to do-over his life.  He's done-over his horrible Kindergarten experience so far.  fun stuff....


At 9pm EST I'll try to watch Hoarders.  After that I'll be primed to go gather up some things for Salvation Army.  It's my AA meeting.....keeps me motivated.

Listening to?

Hubs has some Harry Potter movie on behind me.  Plus the beagle is snoring.....the music of my


I went to the grocery's this morning and bought 2 roasting chickens.  I cooked one with veggies today for dinner.  That sure hit the spot!  And there is enough meat for another meal/dish or a big bowl of chicken salad.  I've never been a big fan of "salad" meat spreads(besides tuna)but we are craving chicken salad lately around here.  ;-)

Happy you accomplished this week?

Got taxes x 6 finished(and 4 of them filed online/via telephone) and we got the FAFSA x 2 filled out(but I still need to submit those online on Tuesday).  It's a weight off my mind and shoulders....and NOW I can get my dining room table cleaned off....yay!!!

Looking forward to next week?
Catching up on my Week 3 Decluttering Challenge.  Monday is set aside to get most of it done.

Thankful for today?

Everyone is mostly healthy, roof over the head, no big problems at the moment with the kids, no big expenses or repairs this month(other than the ones I planned for)and enough money put away for what may come that I don't have to worry about it.



  1. Dogs are hilarious!! My cat does that too, but sometimes I swear she thinks she's a dog!! Lol! I watch Hoarders sometimes too, it's a nasty show though! Ick!!

  2. I had to laugh at your comment about Hoarders because I have the same reaction. I kid you not -- I have a box set aside for the Salvation Army too!! Usually I clean like a fiend once the show finishes, but tonight I took it an extra step and found items to get rid of as well. That show is definitely the best motivation, in my opinion.

  3. So tell me, who is the "top bitch" in your house?

  4. Tee hee, silly dogs! Like Carla I have a cat and she has taken to "howling" in the middle of the night. She's nocturnal of course and I guess she just wants some company. We are not enjoying this new and VERY LOUD habit!!

  5. Congrats on getting your taxes all done!!! I have no idea when my hubs will get to it. That's his baby... And I screwed up some stuff in 2011, so I don't look forward to how it's going to end up...


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