Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday in the Rite-Aid with Sluggy

I stopped back into Rite-Aid yesterday as I had to go out to the local grocer's so I picked up this....

1 x Got2B hair product on sale=$3.99
I used a $3/1 ManuQ and paid $1.05(w/tax)on my gift card.
It's a Winter Reward qualifying item, so BIL's card has $57 tracking toward the $20+UPs Reward going into Sunday.
My card has $74 tracking going into Sunday.

Sunday's rounds began with this transaction on my card.....

1 x Brainstrong toddler vitamins on sale=$13.00
I used $2/1 IPQ HERE (click where it says to get coupon)
I used $10+UPs(2x $5), put $1 on the gift card.

I received $13+UP back.

Now I goofed bigtime, as I thought this item was a qualified item for the Winter Reward.
Nope....but with that $2Q it was a moneymaker, so still worth buying.
And who can't use more free vitamins, right?lol

Tracking on my card remains at $74.
Carry forward $23(1x$10, 1x$13)in +UPs.

On BIL's card I then did this....

4 x Colgate toothpastes on sale $3.50=$14.00
I used 1 x $1/1 Colgate Total toothpaste ManuQ(that's all I had).
Total was $13 and I paid with the $13+UP I received in the previous transaction, so ZERO favorite kind of OOP. ;-)

I received $14 back in +UPs(4 x $3.50+UP)AND 1 x $10(for getting to $25 in Colgate/SoftSoap spending....remember Friday's Soft Soap purchase.)=$24 +UPs.

Tracking on BIL's card is now at $71.
+UPs carrying forward $34($10,$10, 4x$3.50).

Another transaction on BIL's card.....
3 x 12-packs Coke on sale $3.66=$10.98 *regional sales price*
1 x Brainstrong vitamins on sale=$13.00
1 x Vaseline lotion(the new one)on sale=$2.97 *not pictured*
2 x Cella cherry w/20% wellness discount=$.52 *not pictured either*
$27.47 subtotal.
I used 2 x Free Coke 12 pack Qs earned with codes from MyCokeRewards, $2/1 Brainstrong IPQ(see above), $1/1 Vaseline ManuQ(1/29 RP insert), so $10.32 in Qs.
$27.47-$10.32=$17.15....I used $17 in +UPs(1x$10,2 x $3.50)and put the .15¢ on my gift card.

I received back $18 in +UPs($13 vitamins, $3 Coke, $2 Vaseline).
Added $13 in tracking to BIL's card for a total of $84.  It should have rounded up to $14($10.98+$2.97=$13.95), making the total $85, but the system may due so at a later date if I have some odd partial dollar amounts.

+UPs going forward are $35($13, $10, 2 x $3.50, $3, $2).

Then I did this transaction on my card....

4 x Colgate toothpaste on sale $3.50=$14.00
1 x Vaseline(the new kind-Total Moisture) on sale=$2.97
1 x Cella cherry w/20%wellness discount=$.26
Subtotal of $17.23.
I used 1x $1/1 Vaseline ManuQ and the total was $16.23.  I used $16 in +UPs(1x $13, 1x $3)and put the .23¢ on my gift card.
I received $16 in +UPs(4 x $3.50, $2 Vaseline).

Added $17 to my tracking for a total of $91 for my card.
+UPs carrying forward.....$35(1x $10,2x $2, 6x $3.50).

If the system doesn't right itself I'll need to call CS.....yet again!.  BIL's card didn't get credit for $12.00 of the Neutrogena skin cleanser we bought on Friday evening.  We got credit for $18 of it(3 of the bottles)but not for 2 of the bottles(we bought 5 total).  We bought 2 types of cleanser that didn't qualify so returned it and rebought the proper ones.  The system is slow to record, correct and update that change so we'll give it another couple of days before we go chew someone's head off.

IF that $12 in spending kicks in, BIL's tracking goes from a total so far of $84 to $96.
I'll either buy some little thing to get to $100 this week or wait until next week and get the Stopain topical analgesic that qualifies AND has a SCR attached to it's purchase.

Then the last transaction on my card.....

5 x Colgate toothbrushes on sale $2.49=$12.45
1 x Cella cherry=.26¢
Total of $12.71.
I used $12.50 in +UPs(3x $3.50, 1x $2), put the .21¢ left on my gift card.
I received 4 x $1.50(1 for each of the 1st four toothbrushes)=$6+UPs.
And why did I buy the 5th toothbrush if I didn't get any +UPs for it?
Because I needed to get my Colgate purchases over $25(remember the toothpaste I bought earlier?), so I qualified for the Buy $25/Get $10 in +UPs reward.
I figured with the $16 in +UPs associated with this purchase(and a cost to me of $12 in +UPs)it was a no brainer and I should do the Colgate $25/$10 Deal.

So I got 4 $1.50 +UPs for the toothbrushes, 1 x $10 +UPs for spending $25 and this purchase put me over $100 and I got the $20 Winter Reward +UP for a total of $36 in +UPs for this transaction.

I have $58.50 in +UPs going forward, one card is done with the Winter Reward and the other will be at $96/$100 spending when the system slogs things forward.

There is light at the end of this long Winter Reward tunnel! ;-)

So what are you buying this week at Rite-Aid?



  1. I thought that you were going to slow down with Rite-Aid. Why the change of heart? Did the sales come back or were you low on supplies? I'm getting a bit low. I tried to just shop at the dollar store and then we ended up with a ton of crap that we used but didn't like. So I'm back to running deals.

  2. I laid off for a couple of weeks(had to use my $20 Resolution Rewards before they expired but that was it.
    Then R-A started the $20 Winter Reward deal and I saw some deals that could get me to $100 spent without out spending more than $5 or so OOP, so $15 worth of free stuff I WANT x 2 cards=Sluggy running back into R-A.lolol

    I am a weak, weak woman.....
    After I get the 2nd $20 WReward I just will be spending down all the +Ups I've accumulated the last couple of weeks.
    So my R-A spree is shortlived and will end again.
    And nobody will have to endure my R-A

    RE:Dollar Store crap. Sometimes you can find deals there but I don't see using them for deals on a reg. basis. I can see why y'all didn't like some of their stuff.
    Good luck running the deals. I see very few grocery deals lately around here, how's it out your way??


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