Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What I Bought at Rite-Aid this Week OR Getting Paid to Take Stuff Home with Me!

Here is what I bought this week at Rite-Aid....

1 x Gillette Fusion Razor on sale $9.00
1 x Febreeze Candle on sale $5.99
1 x Duracell Batteries 40% off  $3.29
1 x Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste on sale $1.07!!!

**Ok, so I was expecting the Toothpaste to be $2.49 like the sales flyer advertised.  But it rang up $1.07 with a reg. price of $4.29.  Now I haven't gone back to see if another of this tube will also ring up at $1.07-if I had more coupons, you bet I would have jumped on this for free!lol  But I don't have more Qs....  Anyway, I was expecting my total to be over $20 so I could use my AdPerks $5 off of $20 Q.  I didn't realize the Toothpaste rang up so little until after I got back into the car, so I used the AdPerks Q and it went through, even though my total was UNDER $20.  The AdPerk Qs go through even if you don't make the $20 minimum purchase!

If you see this exact tube of Crest pictured, I'd price check it and you might find you get some real cheap or free toothpaste at your store. ;-)  It's the Cinnamon flavor....

Coupons Used
1 x $5 off $20 AdPerks Q=$5.00
1 x $4/1 Gillette Fusion Razor ManuQ=$4.00
1 x  $2/1 Febreeze Candle ManuQ=$2.00
1 x $1/1 Duracell Batterie ManuQ=$1.00
1 x $1/1 Crest Premium Toothpaste ManuQ=$1.00
Coupon Total....$13.00

$19.35-$13.00=$6.35+$.38tax=$6.73 OOP

SCRebates qualified for....
$5 Gillette Fusion Razor
$2 Febreeze Candle
$1.50 Crest/Oral-B Item
SCR total....$8.50

$6.73-$8.50=$1.77 Overage

I'm loving that that toothpaste was $.07 after the $1/1 Q AND I got a $1.50 rebate for buying it, meaning that I got paid $1.43 to take it home!lolol


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  1. Very nice!!!! Good to know about the Ad Perks Qs - thanks for posting about that!!!


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