Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Good Deal Alert at Rite-Aid this Week if You have the Wellness Card

For those of you in the test-market areas for the Rite-Aid Wellness Card Program, you may have noticed when you bought anything at Rite-Aid recently, and used your Wellness Card, that 2 coupons printed out on your CRT.
The 1st coupon is for $2 off any OTC cold or cough medicine priced $2 or higher.
Pair this coupon with any of the Theraflu Manufacturers coupons out there(insert or IP ones) for some really inexpensive medicine this week.

If you go to Coupons.com there is a $2/1 Theraflu Q currently.  Use that Q with the CRT $2/1 Q to get the Theraflu(on sale this week for $3.99)for FREE.  Most Rite-Aids have Theraflu blinkie machines dispensing $1.50/1 Qs right on the store shelves.  Pair the CRT Q with this $1.50 Q and get the Theraflu for $.49!

The other CRT Q printing out is for $1 off a seasonal item priced at $1 or more.  I am saving all of those Qs up for Dec. 26th when all the seasonal stuff goes on clearance.  This $1/1 CRT Q doesn't expire until Jan. 9th so plenty of time to get a few free or almost free seasonal items!



  1. Shucks...I'm not in the test market. I always seem to be left out. And yes, I used the word shucks!

  2. Not in one of those areas either - hope it rolls out nationwide at some point.


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