Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a peaceful, joyous Christmas!
I also hope "Santa" brought you something you really REALLY wanted!

Since all my kids are teens now, there was no pre-dawn staggering of mom and dad downstairs to the Christmas tree.  We all roused and got to the gift unwrapping by
Everyone seemed happy with their haul, especially our youngest who got his heart's desire of a bass guitar.
Then the relatives showed up and I started the Holiday meal.
I didn't do a big Feast like in years past.  I baked a chicken with onions and carrots and roasted a small boneless leg of lamb with onions and rosemary potatoes.  Add in teriyaki green beans and sparkling grape juice and everyone ate well.
And the best part is the only leftover was some chicken. We all had plenty to eat and I didn't have to cram leftovers into the fridge!  That's my idea of a Christmas present....

My Sister-in-Law sent a big box of fancy pants Cookies that arrived Christmas Eve so we all set upon that box like a herd of hyenas for dessert.  It's a good thing too, because I didn't have the energy or time to get around to making any Holiday sweets yet.  Since hubby has off for the next week, I'll take my time and make a few sweet goodies in the coming days.

So are you off hunting the After Christmas Deals today?
I know this will shock you but, I won't be shopping today.
I don't need any wrapping stuff.
And my kids are past the toy ages so I don't need to stock up on clearance toys for next year.....though I might go out later and get some to stash back to donate next Christmas.
I don't need toiletries and perfume sets, or holiday food sets or holiday themed paper goods or cake mixes/frostings/etc.  I have more than I can use in my stockpile already.
This is all not to say that the majority of my family is NOT at the mall or Target or some other shopping mecca as I type this out.  They all got gift cards &/or cash and it's burning a hole in their collective pockets!lol

I think I'll spend today downloading and going through the photos I shot yesterday.
Then I'll get my receipts up to date and prepare to do my end of month calculations on my spending.  Then pay a couple of year end bills. 
Then do a few rebates that need to go out before the end of December.
Then I 'might' wander up to Rite-Aid since I still have a $20 Fall GOS Certificate to use and there is some Northern TP on sale calling to me.lolol
Then lounge in bed and read a book.
There will be no cooking or cleaning today.
Just things I WANT to do!

Happy Day-After-Christmas everyone!!


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  1. "there is some Northern TP on sale calling to me"... isn't that the truth? How does it learn our names?? ;)

    Sounds like a great Christmas holiday for you and yours. I'm with you on not needing to stock up on anything today, although I do admit that we used up all of the stick-on name tags I'd bought in the past, but I just can't summon the will to get dressed and go out in this weather for more of those... I'll worry about it in another 363 days :)

    Happy Boxing Day!!!


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