Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Free Food....What?....Did she just say FREE FOOD?!?

Have you tried Stacy's Pita Chips yet?
Go become their Facebook Fan HERE and you will then be able to sign up to get a Coupon for a FREE BAG!
CVS carries these and they run about $3 a bag On Sale!
I've never had the Pita Chips but I can vouch for the Bagel Chips.....absolutely wonderful!
And to die for with Hummus!

So go sign up for FREE FOOD.
What are you waiting for?....go NOW! 



  1. YUMMO! Checking out that coupon now!

  2. Got that coupon, plus I had some other $1/1 Q that I'd printed out last week (don't remember where it was from), and these were on sale at the grocery that doubles $1 Qs, so our first bag was about $1.50, and then the free bag eventually when that coupon arrives. Cool!!


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