Monday, December 28, 2009

Meal Plan Monday.....December 28th Edition....More Room in the Freezer Now!

Last Week's Menu Postmortem...

Well I don't have one this week because I never got around to doing a Meal Plan last week. Just too crazy at the holidays ya

#1 son came home from college so we are back to 5 willing  Though I didn't do a meal plan on paper last week, I did have a loose one in my head.  I made quiche, clam chowder w/biscuits, lamb, baked chicken and hamburgers.
Here's what I will be serving our family of 5 this Week.....

MONDAY--Beef Stroganoff(freezer/fridge), Tossed Salad
TUESDAY--Spaghetti and Meatballs(stockpile), Swiss Chard(freezer)
WEDNESDAY--Chicken Alfredo(stockpile/freezer), Green Beans(freezer)
THURSDAY--Homemade Pizza(stockpile/freezer), NYE snacks(whatever I can find here to make)
FRIDAY--Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf for #1 son(freezer), Mashed Potatoes(stockpile), Cauliflower/Carrots/Broccoli(freezer)
SATURDAY--BBQ Chicken(freezer), homemade Mac & Cheese(stockpile/freezer), Peas(freezer)
SUNDAY--Date Night w/Hubby-the teens will fend for themselves
SNACKS/DESSERTS--Cantaloupe, Pineapple, Brownies, Cookies, Bread Pudding, Cake Balls

Last week I spent $70.48 on food/toiletries. $40.20 was at Weis, $4.99 on sliced cheese at Carone's, $6.05 at a local grocer where I had a $20.00 gift certificate to use($26.05 total before gc), $6.35 yesterday at Target(after xmas food) & $12.89 at the Bread Outlet.  That's not to say that I didn't go to Rite-Aid, I DID!, but the OOP was put on a Gift Card so Zero spending there last week.  It didn't seem like I spent $70.48 but it does add up to that. I feel a bit better about that amount though when I calculated that for that $70.48 I got a load of food/toiletries valued at $233.34 regular retail, for a savings of 69.80%! 8-)

Food Waste waste this week, beyond the usual veggies parings into the compost.  I had leftover quiche egg/cream mixture and leftover stale bread and used both to make bread pudding today.
Pretty proud of myself for doing that! ;-)

This week's menu doesn't require any grocery purchases.  We do need some fresh produce and milk and #1 son is eating a path through the deli meats so those will need replenishing.  I have to go through and see if there are any deals/coupons that need using up this week as well.  I am trying hard though not to buy stuff beyond immediate grocery needs still.  I spent 2 hours this morning in the stockpile reorganizing and rearranging things so I can get to stuff easier.  I really can see a lot of empty space now in the freezer too!  By next week I'll be able to rearrange in there and take an inventory without having to pull out a ton of icy cold food and freeze my hands.lolol

Check out ORGANIZING JUNKIE to see what other Home Cooks are serving this week.


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  1. WOW! I just read this post and what is posted on the side from savings...HOLY COW is all I can say. I need to take time and read over your stratigies (Im assuming they are on here..LOL) I am a 30yo SAHM that needs a better plan. I menu plan like crazy and I stick to it for the most part...but IDK..somethings gotta change. I have been doing most of my shoping at Aldis a discount grocer BUT you dont use coupons or anything like that there. I have been doing good getting our produce there and we go thru a lot of it. I just started to blog again (although I missed this week cause of everyone being sick..UGH) But I look forward to getting to know you and reading your blog
    Hugs to you


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