Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trip #1 to Rite-Aid this Week....Coming Out of my Flu Fog

Since I had to drive down the mountain to pick up Hubby after he dropped his car off to have the heater blower replaced(kind of need heat in the car these days, ya know?), I stopped at Rite-Aid.
Actually, this was my SECOND time in Rite-Aid on Monday.  Remember my previous 'flu post'?  I forgot to mention that while out yesterday to take the change to the Coinstar machine I also stopped at Rite-Aid to do a transaction.  Some where, in my flu filled brain, I 'thought' I had seen online that Rite-Aid had the GE LED xmas lights for 2/$10 this week, so I had built a scenario around using my $3/1 GE LED light Qs to get me some, since our lights are dead.
So, I walk into Rite-Aid and not only are there NO GE LED xmas lights on sale, they don't even carry GE Lights!LOLOL
So I left emptyhanded, as I hadn't brought 'spare/back-up scenario' Qs with me to get to a $25 order.
So add that little gem to my already weirdo 3 days and you can write me off as a full blown lunatic!

Anyway, back to last evening's trip to Rite-Aid.  I was able to pull myself together enough to actually purchase something and without screwing things up!  Ya'll might want to try this scenario too....
Oh! and notice I have Finally changed the tablecloth on the kitchen table to something Christmasy.  That's about the extent of my Holiday Decorating so far......bleh......

2 x Reveal GE Lightbulbs(yes, I DID find a GE product in Rite-Aid!lol) on sale 2/$5=$5.00
2 x Scotch pop-up Tape on sale $2.14=$4.28
1 x AirWick Mini Dispenser 50% off sale=$4.99
4 x Halls Refresh Drops on sale $1.50=$6.00
1 x RA M5 Magnum Razor Refills on sale $5.99

Coupons Used
1 x $5/$25 RiteAid IPQ=$5.00

2 x $1/1 Reveal GE Lightbulbs ManuQ=$2.00
2 x $1/1 Scotch pop-up Tape IPQ HERE=$2.00**(Thank You Coupons Deals & More)
1 x $5/1 AirWick Mini Dispenser ManuQ=$5.00***
2 x BOGO Halls Refresh Drops $1.50=$3.00
2 x $.50/1 Halls Refresh Drops TearpadQ=$1.00
(You could also use 1 x the $1/2 Halls ManuQ instead)
1 x $2/1 RA M5 Magnum Razor/Refills Store Flyer AdQ=$2.00
1 x $3/1 RA M5 Magnum Razor IPQ(currently on coupons.com)=$3.00****
Coupon Total.....$23.00

$26.26-$23.00=$3.26+$.26tax=$3.52 OOP

Qualified for SCRebates of....
$2.00 GE Lightbulks(wyb 2)
$3.29 Scotch Pop-Up Tape(wyb 2)

$3.52-$5.29=$1.67 OVERAGE

** When you go to print the Scotch PDF Qs, set your printer to print page one ONLY, unless of course you want all 5 Qs offered.  The Pop-up Tape Q is on page 1 of the 2 pages of Qs.
*** Even though the AirWick Q was for 1 penny more than the price of the product on sale, the Q did NOT beep.  Put this Q in the middle of your Qs and the cashier probably won't notice the Q is 1¢ over....I say this in case your store is anal about adjusting Qs down.  Rite-Aid has a policy of adjusting Qs down but sometimes you run across the new cashier or the uninformed hardass cashier.  I'm just saying.....
*** The $3/1 IPQ for the M5 Magnum Razor does not say it's also for the Refills.  My store takes it anyway for the refills because they love me....er, I mean they don't care.  But this Q is a YMMV if you try to use it on refills.  If there is a hassle, just buy the M5 razor instead.

Did anybody go to Rite-Aid this week yet?  What did you get that was good?



  1. Glad you're feeling better and the deals are returning :) I haven't hit up Rite Aid this week and may not, but I LOVE reading about your deals there!!!!!

    Our Christmas decorating to date is the tiny tree with only a few of the lights actually lighting - LOL! Our outside lights aren't up and now that we had a bunch of snow, I'm not entirely sure when/if they'll go up. But that's okay - this year, many other houses on our block are nicely lit, so I don't feel as motivated. In the past, our house was the only one with lights... maybe we'll take this year off :)

  2. Take the year off....your electric bill will thank you come January.lol


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