Friday, December 11, 2009

Hurry and do This Deal at Rite-Aid before Saturday Night!

Ok folks, go grab your P&G insert from 11/29...harvest 3 of the 4 Old Spice Qs--the B3Deodorants/G1Body Spray, the B3Deos/G1Cologne, and the $1/2 Old Spice Deos.
Grab a $5 off $20 Purchase Ad Perks/Rite-Aid Q too.

Get up to Rite-Aid before they close Saturday night.

3 x Old Spice Deodorants on sale $2=$6.00
1 x Old Spice Body Spray=$4.99
1 x Old Spice Cologne=$6.99

Buy a couple more things to get to $20.....I bought 6 Candy Bars that are on sale $.50ea. this week.
My SubTotal was $20.98.

Coupons Used
1 x $5/$20 RA AdPerks IPQ=$5.00
1 x Old Spice B3Deos/Get1Body Spray ManuQ=$4.99
1 x Old Spice B3Deos/Get1Cologne ManuQ=$6.99
1 x $1/2 Old Spice Deos=$1.00
3 x B1G1 Mars Candy Bar ManuQ=$1.50 (From the 11/15 RedPlum insert)
Coupon Total....$19.48

$20.98-$19.48=$1.50+$.78tax=$2.28 OOP

And then submit your receipt for the $1 SCR WYB 2 Old Spice Deodorants.
That makes this transaction $1.28 OOP after Rebate.

You get $27.73 worth of items for $1.28 OOP.

If you have an Old Spice friendly person to get a gift for this Christmas, just wrap these all up in a basket or tin and you've got a great present for $1.28!

If you don't have the candy bar Qs, how about printing a $3/1 M5 Magnum Razor Q on and pairing it with the Rite-Ad In Ad Q for $2 off the razor?  The $5.99 purchase price with the Old Spice items brings your before Q total over $20 and after these 2 Qs & the Old Spice and $5 off $20 Q, your total OOP would be $.99+tax and after submitting for the rebate on the Deos, you are just OOP the tax, minus 1 penny!



  1. Thank you for this, heading there shortly. Hopefully made it in time!

  2. UGH!!! I want a Rite-Aid! Good job.

  3. slugmama
    you won the Josuha bell cd on my blog. Please send me your address. I am really sick right now so I have no idea when I will get it mailed to you.


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