Friday, December 4, 2009

General Electric Holiday Lighting Coupon + Sale on Lights at Lowe's=Less $ OOP

I have been feeling under the weather the last 2 days.  If anyone wants to come bring me some chicken soup it would be much appreciated. 8-)

It's probably just a sinus infection(which I get 1 or 2 times a year)or a run-of-the-mill cold so I'm popping Vitamin C, doing Neti Pot sinus rinsing and hydrating myself until I resemble a balloon float in the Macy's Turkey Day Parade.

Anyway, I wanted to alert my Environmental Warrior-type Readers to a deal.

The 'hot' thing in Christmas decorating seems to be LED Lights.  These use alot less energy than the regular type of Christmas light string.
Now I know that people who decorate with lights are NOT going to stop, nor would I tell you to.  But if you are going to use lights in your decorating, why not use something that is not as bad for the environment?
We drug out our old lights this week.  I think we are down to 3 strings that still work so now we have to find some way to dispose of the broken ones.  For something that only gets used a few days a year, these things sure don't last long, do they? 
Anyway, you all know I am, I mean frugal, so I've been wrestling with myself about making the jump to the LEDs(for the energy savings) vs. the larger cost for the new technology.

But GE has come to my rescue!lol
There is a PDF format Coupon for $3 off GE LED Lights located HERE.
Pair this Q up with a current sale at Lowe's on the 50 Count GE LED Mini Lights for $5.97 a string and you can get them for $2.97.
Hubby & I priced these LED things earlier this week at Walmart.  The 60 count LEDs there(I don't remember if they were GEs however)were $10.99!
The Q is good for ANY GE LED lighting product so you can probably find something you can use it don't have to get the Mini lights.

The Q does say "offer limited to one purchase", so if your cashier/store has a problem with the difference between transaction & purchase, this could be a YMMV situation, where you have to bring along more family members/friends to each buy 1 string or go through difference register lines and buy 1 string per transaction or hit alot of different Lowe's.  Just a heads up.....

The sale at Lowe's runs until the 7th, so hurry and print this to use soon if you want those $2.97 lights!


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