Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wednesday's Shop

In between waffling about whether to do to DC with Hubs next week I did my usual Wednesday grocery shop yesterday.

I don't usually use a lot of coupons(basically because what I buy there aren't any coupons available to use)unless I am talking about non-food items.

I got some sweet deals by combining store coupons the catalina machine at Weis spit out at me the last 2 times I went there and some manufacturer's coupons AND store sales.
Yes, the always Fabulous! Coupon Triple Play.

First up, a bottle of Herbal Essence Shampoo......excuse the elegant background for all these photos, as I took them in the

On sale for $3 this week at Weis.
I have an IPQ(coupons dotcom) for .75¢/1 bottle-which doubled up to $1.
I also had a Weis store Catalina Q for $1.50 off any hair product.

Triple play makes this.....$3-$1-$1.50=.50¢ a bottle.  8-))

Second up, 2 bottles of hand soap refills.....

The TopCare(Weis brand) of this are BOGO this week.
I bought the huge bottles that are $5.59 each.
So $5.59 off=$5.59.
I also had a Weis store Catalina Q for $1.50 off any hand soap or bar soap purchase.
$5.59-$1.50=$4.09 for 2 x 64 oz. bottles comes out to less than .04¢ an ounce.
(I could have gotten the smaller bottles and paid less OOP but in the end the larger bottlers were the better deal, since they mean I don't have to buy this product again so soon, and who knows what the price will be by then.  ;-)

Thirdly, some paper products....

Dixie brand paper plates/etc. are $1.77 each(must buy 3)at Weis this week. 
3 x $1.77=$5.31
I have a $1/1 Dixie item Manufacturer's Q and a $1.50 off any paper plate/products Store Q.
$5.31-$1-$1.50=$2.81, making each package less than .94¢ each.

These will augment my normal dinner sized paper plates I get from the restaurant supply store.  I buy a case of plates once a year, when they go on sale in the early Summer and this lasts me all year(I still have 4 packs left from last Summer's purchase). Those dinner plates average out to  .69¢ per pack.
These bowls and small plates cost me more but sometimes you need a bowl or smaller plate.

And Fourthly, more paper products......

There was a Kimberly-Clark Instant Discount Deal this week at Weis--Spend $20 and get $5 off instantly at the register.

I bought 1 package of Scott TP $7.99, 1 package of Cottonelle TP $6.97 and 2 boxes of Playtex Tampons $2.99=$20.94.
I used 2 x $1/1 on each TP packs(MQs from last Sunday's paper)and I had a $2.00 off wyb $9 of TP store Catalina Q....

$20.94-$5 instantly-$2-$2=$11.94 for regular priced $25.16 worth of paper products.

I don't need/use the tampons anymore(TMI but thank goodness!lolz), I got them to take to my daughter.

Add in to the mix that the store overcharged me for the watermelon I bought so I'll be getting $4.99 off what I spent this week when I go back to the store.

All in, I spent $96.57 on $171.38 of groceries, for a savings rate of 43.65% on this shopping trip.



  1. That's fantastic! Great savings on the shampoo! 43% savings isn't shabby at all.

  2. Good job on the deals! I haven't been running as many either. Maybe it has to do with the fact that we aren't' consuming as much as before. Getting a few kids out of the house helps!
    I'm really wondering how cheap our bills will be when nwe lovingly ship DJ off.

  3. Wow, wish we had that store here. I do a rite aid run every now and again.

  4. I will be looking for hair care deals after our move, Unbelievably, we are getting low on shampoo and conditioner.


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