Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More Travel....Maybe

Hubs has some business travel to take next week and I may be going with him.

He attends meetings of a regulatory agency he is a member of every 6 months or so.  As this group is made up of members from financial services companies from throughout the country, the meeting place moves around every time they get together.
He's been to Dubuque IA, Mobile, AL, NYC, Wilmington, DE, Newport Beach, CA, TX, SD, name it.

This month the meeting is in Washington, DC.
Usually he flies to these conferences but this time he's renting a car and driving, since it will get him in hours and hours sooner than flying will.
I don't go with him because he usually flies and I don't fly for various reasons.

But since he's driving I am waffling about whether I want to go with him. 
He's booked at a boutique hotel near Capitol Hill and other than driving down and back and a conference reception and dinner, I will be left on my own.
And that is why I am waffling on whether to go.....I'll be all alone in DC in a hotel room for 2 days.
And I don't know whether I have enough umph to actually go outside by myself and do/see anything.

I may seem like I have a lot of bravado and self-confidence but really in an unfamiliar place(especially a large city)when I am alone, I feel like a scared little kid.  I have a fear of large crowds.

I won't have a car(not that I want to drive around DC because yeah, I did that when I was in my 20's)and I am totally unfamiliar with the subway system there(been on it once back in the 80's and the person I was with knew what they were doing!lol)and I am sure I can't walk far enough to go to anything.  Besides I am afraid of getting lost by myself.

And I am trying to find something I want to do besides.
I remember visiting DC as a child with my family so I've been to most of the monuments and of course the National Zoo and I still remember crying over a dollhouse at the Smithsonian.....I wanted my parents to buy it for me and when they didn't/couldn't(hey! I didn't know things there were NOT for cried for hours.lolz
We didn't go to the Washington Monument and I don't remember the Jefferson Memorial though.

And when I was in college in Baltimore during my freshman year I had a car at school and I made regular trips to DC once a month on weekends to go to the National Gallery and the Freer Gallery and take in all the art.

Though we are staying next to Capitol Hill I have no interest in seeing or being around politicians and seeing the White House sounds a bore, no matter who the current tenant is.  I can't even request an inside tour though as it has to be made at least 21 days in advance and looking from the outside doesn't do it for me either. 8-)

I guess I could just walk around or go to a nearby park and people watch.
I don't know....just not feeling it I guess.
Going places and seeing things is much more interesting to me if I am WITH someone else.

If you were me what would you do?
Would you go?
And what would you do while there?

And is anyone nearby who would want to hang out with me??



  1. That is a tough one. If you went, worst case scenario no cooking or cleaning for the time you were there. I know what you mean about exploring by yourself though. I no longer like big crowds either.

  2. Aww, wish I had known ahead of time. I don't "know" DC very much, but I've been around it a lot when my half brother was studying in Georgetown. I have a pretty decent feel of the subs. Not as clean, but definitely not as violently shaky as NY's! But earliest I could get down there would be 6pm, and I'm sure that's no fun anymore at that hour. If allergies don't kill you (which they kill me), the gardens are a great place to be at. Other than that, walking in downtown is pretty and great for people seeing. There's also a big fish market somewhere... yeah, I suck at specifics. But if you google around, I am sure there are tons of DC routes to take to see things.

  3. Go! You would have a great time, I went last fall by myself, a 60 year old female alone. (As a part of a Amtrak solo trip) So much to do, see, eat ..... The museums are great, take the bus tour, it leaves from the train depot right on the green. Also the holocaust museum is unforgettable. Getting around is very easy. I just ask question and with a cell phone I'm never really alone.

  4. I would LOVE to go with you!!! But I'm further away from DC than you are currently... AND you're probably on a watch list somewhere, so I don't want to spend all my time there talking to an FBI agent.
    Go have fun! I've got a couple friends who just moved there last year. Let me know if you want to look them up. :)

    1. You made me spit out my list.

  5. I'm normally just a silent observer, but know and love DC. You should absolutely go! The metro system honestly is so much easier than NYC and as long as you aren't trying to travel during rush hour, you'll have plenty of time and space to orient yourself. If your hubby is staying downtown, you could easily walk to the National Mall, popping into museums and stopping at the monuments as the mood strikes. If you find yourself exhausted and at the far end, you'll be near a metro stop.

    And the food, oh the food--you should be able to stay in the immediate vicinity of your hotel and eat your way through DC. Although everyone has their favorite spots, you'll find quality grub around every corner.

    If you decide to go and are looking for itinerary assistance, or even quick if you find yourself at this stop go here advice, feel free to email me.

    Oh, and one last thing, even if you're not looking to spend time with politicians, it would be worth it to visit the Capitol. The history alone is amazing. If you can swing it, take a tour with a staff member or intern from the office of a senator--they are so much more enjoyable than the "red jacket"/capitol tour guides. Again, feel free to contact me if you want some leads!!

  6. Arlington National Cemetery, Archives, Library of Congress - sone research perhaps? Pick a museum and spend the day - or wander next door. Go slowly - you will be OK. Take a big bus tour and get a great overview. I right outside and it is a great area. I wish I could come hang out with you - but I don't know if I will be there! Go for it!

  7. Newseum, Spy Museum...Google 'em, they may be within reach!

    Peace <3

  8. I'd go and take the bus to Georgetown...I love Georgetown. Love the food and the people watching. I once flew to France alone without a plan...landed in Paris...had the cab driver take me to just any hotel...walked around Paris for a week (the Metro was awesome) and then hopped the train down to the Rivera for another hotel...just had the cab take me to one he recommended...took the train back to Paris and spent another week...then back to California. I was over 50 and overweight...but I did it and it was the best experience of my life. Now I travel everywhere.

  9. I'd find some unique shops, museums, etc... and go by myself! Sounds heavenly to me actually... but it's rare that I get *me* time... lol!

  10. I don't like to drive in unfamiliar places. I turn into a real chicken. I have also realized that I have come to rely on Den a lot. Maybe a good thing, maybe a bad thing.
    I say go. You might really enjoy it and whenever something scares me, I do it just so it doesn't become an issue.
    But I would have the same feelings that you do about going.

  11. I would suggest one of the hop on hop off open top bus tours. They make the rounds of the city, you can get off whenever you want and get back on the next bus when you are ready. They will save a lot of walking, things like the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Roosevelt Memorial and MLK are a long walk from the nearest subway station, but the double decker bus tours stop nearby. The subway is easy, but I ride it every day. Let me know what days you might be in town, my calendar is fairly full next week. I discourage driving a car in the city for sightseeing, parking is hard to find and expensive. I like the Eastern Market (accessible by subway.) I think the National Portrait Gallery at Gallery Place is one of the under-loved museums in the city. The city center is compact, so a taxi is not out of the question, but the prices have gone up, from Capital Hill to the White house is about $15 (it use to be $7.) There is so much to see.

  12. GO!! But then I love travelling alone. I can't help you out with a list of what to see and do obviously but any chance to see somewhere different I would take. Won't cost you much either.

  13. I was going to say if you aren't feeling it just stay home and enjoy some relaxation. But after reading other suggestions, I would say go. Heck, now I want to go!


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