Monday, May 12, 2014

Is It Time Yet?

Not only is #2 Son anxious to bug out of this hellhole town we live in(hellhole according to him....I much prefer to call it provincial on my better days), but I may be a wee bit anxious to get him out of the house too.

I started writing out my hard copy of the "College List" last Friday.
You know.....The master list of "what every college kid might ever need when they leave home" List that Sonya Ann and friends came up with before her oldest went off to college 4 years ago.

So I started gathering supplies for #2 Son that I have already.......

The boy does like to do ALOT of laundry.
I got these Purex Complete 3 in 1 laundry sheets back when they were new on the market and when Couponing was in it's Salad Days-when there were awesome coupons and sales and few limits and you could get shit free or almost free.
You know, the good old days.

I have enough sheets here sitting in the linen closet for #2 Son to do 224 loads of laundry.
I hope it will last him all 4 years.

I just discovered that the dorms where he will be living have free laundry!  He won't even need quarters.
A quick calculation and I figure with the water and electricity he alone will be using to do laundry nonstop on their dime vs. on our dime, the housing costs we have to pay are a win for US!!!

So he is covered on detergent.
And also covered on toiletries-deodorant, shampoo, soap/bodywash, toothpaste, toothbrushes.
He has an electric razor so the hairy face stuff is taken care of too.

While we were on vacation in April and then when we got home a week or so ago, I hit the Winter clothing clearance sales at Kmart.  We just happened to be in a KMart in Shreveport and found men's winter clothing for $2.99 a piece.  Then the next week when we were home I went into the local KMart here and the clothing was down to $1.99 a piece.
So of course I picked up some clothes for #2 Son to take to college with him.

It doesn't look like much since I just heaped it up on the spare bed for these photos.

Everything was either $2.99 or $1.99, except for the black coat which was $7.99 marked down from $60.
I got him long sleeved knit shirts, fleece PJ pants, longish Joe Boxer boxers, 3 casual dress shirts, a minky lined flannel jacket(original price of $24.99) and 2 pair of thermal underwear.
It's even colder than here in the Winter where he's going to school.  8-)
They also had 6 packs of men's boxer briefs on sale for $5.99 in his size.  Somebody must have mis-ordered because they had hundreds of this size in this style/brand of undies.

I had picked up at Ollies(Good Stuff Cheap!)a multipack of the socks he likes over the Winter for $2.99.
Between the Kmart score, the undies and sox, he is all set for going away to college clothing...unless of course, he wears out/grows out of his pants.

I wrote this and then went and read Sonya Ann's Post today.  Go read toward the middle of hers.
We really do think alike and lead lives in a parallel universe, don't we?  ;-)

We finally have a date now for when #2 Son will go sailing off into the sunset.
Freshman Check-In is August 21st.

I am synchronizing my watch as I type.

100 days and counting!!!
The countdown has begun.




  1. Can I say he is spoiled, without sounding mean? Haha. It's an awesome thing, don't get me wrong. He's very lucky. Me and my brother had to get everything for school ourselves. Granted, we didn't live on campus officially (though being there 7am to 8pm does kind of make it so according to the local cops that greeted us in the morning). August will be here before either of you know it... I sure hope so too, because it will mean summer is also coming to an end! (I'm not a summer person--can you tell?).

    Also, from the stories I used to hear about in-campus living, especially when with a partner, was a lot of stolen goodies. There were black markets of detergent like Tide, and also of toothpaste and toiletries. I wanted to think those stories were fake, until you'd see the confiscated bags of stuff at the police stop. So I'd release the laundry and other bulk goodies in sections, maybe per year...

    1. Yah, he'll only be given what he needs per semester, or even from Aug. Thanksgiving and then again from Turkey Day break until finals in December. He wouldn't have room for it all at once anyway. lol
      Black market in toiletries? Who'd a thunk that!! lol

    2. My daughter assured me that no one would steal toothpaste or toothbrushes. I sent four of each in August. I took into account that he might just leave things in the bathroom or drop a toothbrush on the floor and not want to use it again. She decided it was time he learned to keep up with things, so she refused to mark clothing. Besides, she was positive no one would steal things. I have no idea where she gets these ideas. Oh, yeah, her idiot father. If Kate Middleton's mother labeled all her clothes for college, why is my suggestion such a bad idea?

  2. It is getting a bit scary with us!!!!! What is next for us? I think we are linked somehow, maybe its the alcohol.
    Den and I were talking yesterday about you, we found a store that sells even more kinds of beer. Yup, next trip and we have you covered.

  3. You will miss him, trust me. My eldest called Lewiston a two hole pie of an olive pit town. I think she got this off a cartoon some where.

  4. Love your excitement & organization around the life change! Are you thinking of relocating once your son is out of the house? Somewhere less "provincial", perhaps? :-)

  5. how fun~~ I wanted to thank you for the prize box too! What fun it is to receive something in the mail!

  6. I cannot believe you scored all those clothes so dirt cheap!

  7. Good on you!!! Now find a list of what NOT to send to college! I saw one not long ago (perhaps at or, and it could cut your TRUCKload down to a carload! They say about 95% of college freshmen arrive with at least 50-60% too much stuff, and by the time it's time to bug out next summer to come home, it's become an unholy mess. I believe them! I used to help friends' parents schlep them to and from school.

    Peace <3

  8. I've heard that the best time to go dumpster diving is at the end of the school year when college students throw out all the excess stuff they don't want to haul home.


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