Tuesday, May 13, 2014

April Louisiana Road Trip....Day One

We left on our Road Trip to Louisiana on Sunday, April 13th.

Not much to see along the way that was new, as we've driven this stretch of I-81 through VA about 4 times since last year.

There was a big 18 wheeler truck sales yard.....

And of course where you find commercial truck sales yards and truck stops you find this......

Let's look at that sign a little closer, shall we?

I'm just sayin.....

Other sights we passed along the way......

Dang!  I didn't think we were outside of PA yet......How far did we go?!?!

Now why didn't I stop last month and buy a car on the PA/MD line?

Wild and wonderful my ass......more like crowded highways and potholes!

Oh goody, the first of many giant crosses.
I spared y'all the rest of 'em.....

I saw a really big Cardinal!

Now THAT'S a B&B I'd be proud to stay at!
As long as the innkeepers don't shoot you by mistake......

Stopped for lunch at a local ptomaine poisoning palace in Harrisonburg Virginia.
I wonder if those firemen have paramedic training in case we need it.

We lived through lunch though everything was a bit greasy.
Hey!  I was packing Rolaids so we were aok.

 Our lunch fortunes....portents for the rest of the trip?

Uh oh......a fortune referencing "difficult problems" at the beginning of a 3 thousand mile trip is NEVER a good thing, is it?!

After what seemed like DAYS....ok it was only 8 hours......we hit Tennessee.

And we got off the highway to pee and get coffee at Mickey's house.
We saw a bazillion political signs there......including this one which is probably for someone related to Ron from Retired in Delaware since this is Eastern TN......

Soon it was time to start looking for a bed for the night.
Found a place right off the highway for $72.
Real nice.
Breakfast the next morning was ok.

We hit a local Mexican place-the only place unless you wanted to drive 20 miles into town.

Frugal, good and filling.
Nothing special but that's ok.

My Enchilada and Chile Relleno plate.
The refrieds were killer.
I passed on the rice.

On the way back to the motel we stopped in here for a snort.....

Free Pool?
Hell Ya....or rather, Hey'l Yeah!!!

I got a little parched.....

And I got a shot of Sonya Ann's boyfriend.......

Back at the motel-perusing the touristy pamphlet rack.....

What's this?

Too bad  Travel Penguin wasn't here!
A Penguin Interactive Habitat is right down the road in Gatlinburg.....

So ended Day One of this road trip.
5 States in 1 day.
Glad THAT'S out of the way.....lolz



  1. Your post reminded me of this photo. I know it's photo shopped, but what the heck! And penguins... Awesome...

    1. What??!
      You mean that photo wasn't REAL!? lolz

    2. God works in mysterious ways. I know people who would believe the picture was fake but would insist that God still sent it as a warning. Just shoot me now!

      Ptomaine? The health inspector walked right into the kitchen of the local Chinese restaurant and found several people cutting meat on the kitchen floor, so closed them down right that minute--permanently. The restaurant opened two counties away...ewww.

      Only one day to TN?

    3. We have spent some time looking at Penguin habitats. One of the best is in St Louis, they cool the entire space, no glass between the birds and you. In 2008 I arranged a behind the scenes tour and personal visit with the nobble birds at the Northern Kentucky Aquarium for the hubs birthday. They are so cute and curious.

  2. My Boy friend, my fav drink and adult stores!!!! Why am I not in the back seat????

  3. Hey, I recognized the big 18-wheeler on stilts. That is my hometown. Love reading about your trips

  4. Wow, you're brave to eat Mexican food on a long road trip, that's all I gotta say! lol!

  5. Clamco - hahaha - good comment!


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