Friday, November 26, 2021

Frugal Friday....the November 26th Edition

 Here's what we had happen in the frugal vein around here this past week.....

*  I sold 2 items on eBay!  A set of Wizard of Oz themed playing cards in a tin and 6 tubes of discontinued Nexxus shampoo.

*  I've been pillaging Rite-Aid for the Black Friday sale.  I'll give a total in a few days for it all.  I will say it's not been a stellar BF this year at R-A.  Every store I've gone to has been out of Conair hairbrushes and the big Russell Stover bags of chocolate and most never got any of these items.

*  I got an unexpected giftie from a reader!

An Amazon package arrived last Friday.  I got a set of cat butt fridge magnets to go with my dog butt ones!

*  I returned some items to R-A early in the week and received a cash refund on 4 items and BC back on the 5th item.

*  I found money!

A penny I don't remember where in R-A since it was last weekend.

This nickel was found on Wednesday near the Higi machine in the pharmacy area.

And a penny next to my car in the parking lot at Rite-Aid.

Found This Week... .07¢
Found This Year.....$20.10

*  I hit up CVS last weekend.  I had a free beauty item Q($5 or less)on my card so I got this.

It was $4.99 so nothing out of pocket after that Q.
And then I earned this free ECB for buying it......

That's about it this week.

What frugal wins did you have last week?

Let us know!


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