Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Black Friday Rite-Aid Haul...Pillaging Like A Viking!

 Here's everything I brought home from Rite-Aid over the Black Friday 3 Day Sale.......

8 x Cheezits boxes
8 x Nestle candy bars
4 x Monster drink boxes
1 x Cremo body wash gift set
8 x Planters gift boxes
2 x Sally Hansen nail polish
2 x Biscof cookies
12 x Colgate toothpaste tubes
6 x small Palmolive soap bottles
4 x large Palmolive soap bottles
2 x Fabuloso cleaner
8 x Scunci hair ties
2 x Big Win Vegetable oil
1 x Carnation evaporated milk
1 x Nivea lotion
1 x Dove body wash
4 x Dove women's deodorant
5 x Lady Speed Stick deodorant
1 x Suave deodorant twin pack
3 x men's Speed Stick deodorant
2 x men's Dove body wash
3 x men's Dove shampoo
2 x men's Dove deodorant
8 x Russel Stover chocolates
1 x Chestal children's cough syrup
2 x Tum's bottles
2 x Excedrin packages
2 x Wonderful Pistachio small bags
3 x Clorox large disinfecting wipes cannisters
6 x Boxes of Cereal
1 x Quaker oatmeal cup
2 x XL Hershey bars
4 x Blue Diamond almond cans
3 x Air Wick twin packs of scent refills
10 x cans of Campbell's soup
8 x 7th Generation ultra-concentrated laundry soap
4 x Pringles cannisters
3 x tubs of Folger's coffee
1 x Dunkin Donuts coffee

Also bought but not pictured are 15 bags of Frito-Lay chips and 4 single bottles of Coke and Pepsi products.

Total Bonus Cash spent was $389.70.  Earned back $332.00 in new BC plus a $15 R-A gift card(when a cashier didn't scan my $15 BC wyspend $50 Q first), $11.25 in cash for post coupons and $13.40 n Ibotta rebates making it $372.40 back on $38970 spent/rolled making it all cost $14.30 in Bonus Cash.
Regular retail on everything bought was $903.08(w/tax).

This much brought home for so little in BC and no $$ was only possible because I bought gift cards as well....gift cards I needed to buy anyway and that gave me more Bonus Cash to roll.

And I still have 2 online transactions I did that haven't arrived yet and I haven't counted with the above.  Once I get that and tally it up we'll be at least at $1K in products. ;-)

UPDATE--My Rite-Aid online orders arrived today and added $141.44 in reg. retail total making my Black Friday Sale Grand Total $1,044.52.

Hope everyone who Rite-Aids found some good deals last week!  What did you get?



  1. You are amazing what else can I say?

  2. Wowza! You are amazing with the Rite Aid deals!

  3. Rite Aid had so few things when I went there on Thanksgiving (and, I went early in the day!) I did a bunch of gift card deals, so now I need to see what I can roll over for next week.

  4. I read the numbers to Tommy. He was as amazed as I was.


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