Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Rite-Aid Post for the Week & The Giveaway Reminder

As requested I am trying to get to Rite-Aid earlier in the week and post about my trip to possibly help those who also "do" Rite-Aid to sniff out what's worth buying there before it's too late to take part in the sales.

The elf brand is "Buy 3 items/Get $3 Bonus Cash"(limit 2 Deals) this week.  This seems to include the make-up brushes and there are some that are regularly $1 each.  If you have the Gold 20% Wellness discount associated with your card, these brushes will be .80¢ each

So here is what I bought on my son's card...........

6 x elf cosmetic brushes assorted $1 ones-20% discount=$4.80+.29¢ tax=$5.09 paid for with Bonus Cash.
$6 in new Bonus Cash(2 x $3 BC elf)was earned back.
This purchase grew my BC by .91¢ and rolled $5.09 worth of existing BC.
If your state doesn't have sales tax your deal will be a bit better than mine(like .29¢ better lolz).

I bought 6 more elf brushes on my daughter's card...........

Rinse and repeat......$5.09 paid for with Bonus Cash and $6 in new Bonus Cash earned.

This deal doesn't require any coupons.  It's pretty straight forward and all the $1 cosmetic brushes my store had worked on this deal.

If you don't use make-up and don't need make-up brushes(or don't have giveaway boxes to stock lol)you could always tuck these back for gifting or find a women's shelter or a non-profit that helps women seek employment(and stocks clothing/toiletries to give to women)and take them there.

Also I noticed my store had quite a few clearance tags....items at 50% or 75% off.  I found most of them in the food section and the stationery/school supplies section(along with all the Easter products being 50% off too).  Be sure and check your store aisles for some cheap items.

So there you go......an early in the week post for a simple Deal anybody near a Rite-Aid can partake in.   ;-)

And speaking of Giveaways.............today is the last day to enter my April Giveaways.
Go HERE and please make sure you include or you email me your contact information(at least the email addy associated with your name)in your entry if you aren't on my Giveaway Master List.
At least one person has entered under "anonymous" with no name or anything identifying in the comment.  If I don't have your info. you can NOT win!!!
Please, please, PLEASE put your email information in your comment or email me privately(arcure-at-ptdprolog-dot-net)your info.
Drawing of the 2 winners sometime tomorrow when I can rouse Ex-College Boy out of bed to pick the names.  8-)



  1. great deal on make-up brushes I spent a lot of money on them for my daughter and dil at Christmas.

  2. I can't remember if I put my email...just in case.....ibesue123@gmail.com thanks for doing this!!!

    Sue L.

  3. How late in the day will Ex-College-Boy sleep? My daughter and I used to play bets on when her older brother might awaken.


  4. My girls love the make-up brushes, though with show choir done, the amount of use is much lower. Too bad no Rite Aids near us!

  5. My girls love elf products. Great for stocking stuffers.

  6. Such great deals on the makeup brushes. Way to go, Rite Aid Queen. :)


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