Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Stuff Lately

As August winds down(hey! it's the 31st today)here are the things going on lately at Chez Sluggy.....

* We got College Boy back to school this past weekend........

I was more hands-off this year on this one, as CB wanted to handle things himself.
This meant that I only spent $ on a couple of kitchen sponges and printer ink cartridges on the back-to-school shopping. $100 or less for back to school shopping?  I'll take it! 8-)
 The rest of his needs were acquired from my various stockpiles(food/toiletries/office supplies/etc.).

The down side was that he forgot to take a goodly amount of articles that he'll be his concert shoes, mattress memory foam pad and his printer cables.

And he lost his wallet but didn't notice until the morning he was to leave which meant an extra hour delay in leaving and he was trying to find it.(He did and he left it in his bandmates car the night before.)  I have threatened him with a wallet/belt chain for the wallet for Xmas.

The good news is he got to school in time for his Wind Ensemble audition and he aced that so got a chair in the Ensemble for this year.

* The garden--
All this was harvested in the last week..........

7.43 lbs. of tomatoes and another of the acorn squash(22.8 oz.)brings my Garden Harvest to 19.93 lbs. of goodies.

The bulk of those tomatoes are now in the freezer wanting for cooler weather so I can can them then.

I spent a morning here.........

Daughter had a treatment and I had to drive her there and back.

Lunch at a Chinese Buffet may or may not have been involved in this "treatment" afterwards.....

A medical appointment was how I spent my morning on Monday, well most of it was spent waiting.
It took 3 months to get this appointment and now my treatment is in the hands of a specialist and all my meds are being turned on their ears.
It's a whole new ballgame as I begin a new journey down the healthcare system.
Perhaps this anointed one will have some answers.

* Anxious to see the end of the month August financials tomorrow on the 1st of September.  It won't be pretty I know but it's better to face it than hide from it, right?  September won't be tons better in the saving category since property taxes(half of them)are due next month.  The grocery budget is still kicking my ass but with College Boy away at school the numbers should look a bit better.

Speaking of CB, I can't wait to go  dig out his bedroom. *insert eye roll here*

So I am off to the grocery store for cheap facial tissues and coffee and then to Rite-Aid for my monthly med pick-up plus all these new ones that were ordered.  I might even pick-up something for free while I am at R-A.
Hey, how could I not?  8-)

So what's going on in your world?



  1. Mine son forgot the printer and a toothbrush. His girlfriend is visiting the end of September and will bring the printer to him. Cheryl

  2. It took 3 GYN dr's before I finally had a solution to my problem so hoping this new dr will have answers for you! Got college daughter off to marching band rehearsals earlier this month and school started for her on the 11th. She's given me a list of items to bring when we come to a game in Sept but nothing was urgent. Laundry is included this year so that'll save about $80. May have been paying for her boyfriends laundry too since that's how they spent Friday nights. He may be a keeper:)


  3. Yesterday my granddaughter started the fifth grade - she could not get her locker to work and she went out the wrong door at the end of the day and did not see her mom (my daughter)....needless to say, she felt overwhelmed by her day....(granddaughter has generalized anxiety disorder due to some medical issues) - so things we take in stride - she can struggle with....I hope today is a better day for her.

  4. Son 3 was only here for a total of 4 weeks this summer and they were scattered over 3 months. I sent him a lovely text the other day thanking him for leaving the "s#!t show for me to clean" It makes me very happy to be able to do it so we can have guests in our home.

  5. A few minutes ago, exbf left with cooked food, frozen food, and lots of bread and an angel food cake. He drove from B'ham, picked me up, took me to dr in Birmingham and brought me back here. Maybe I will be able to drive next time. The C word leaves me helpless in the driving area.

  6. I think our oldest left something important every single weekend. Yes every weekend. How ever did she make the Dean's list?

  7. A whole new ballgame? I hope it's a win for you. :-)

  8. Fortunately no medical apps this week or next but dentist and ortho. Good luck with your new regiment of treatment.

  9. Isn't that van the same picture Sonya Ann had on her blog. Do you two have time shares in a son?

  10. PP-Our sons are very similar but not the same. I still have my mini-van that drags DJ and all of his crap around.
    I do hope you are on the mend, my dear cousin. Chin up and eat at the buffet.


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