Thursday, August 18, 2016

Shopping Trip....Free Stuff!

I made a vlog about my trip to Weis Markets yesterday for your viewing pleasure. ;-)

I do use a few bad words(including what writer Jean Shepherd termed "the Mother of All Curse Words")so don't click on the video if you can't handle it.

Also included in this transaction but not pictured(because they were quickly melting in the heat)were 2 containers of ice cream, reg. $5.99 each on sale for $1.99 each(when you bought two).



  1. The no return of the tax would have burned my biscuits, and yeah, I'm that customer that would have asked to speak with the Manager on that one. Not satisfied? I have no qualms about emailed corporate and advising them of the issue-what do I (or you) have to lose? If anything, I'd expect a voucher of some sort. Do I have to report them to the state commissioner of revenue services? It's truely a matter or principal.
    You got some great deals-esp. on pork. I immediately thought of meatloaf/meatballs (sweet n sour or BBQ if not Italian). The sirloin chops? Flour, egg batter, coat with seasoned bread crumbs and either pan fry or bake. You could grind it up for yet more ground pork, sliver for a stir fry, cube for a steak or fried rice dish.
    Yes, in the end, Karma came in and gifted you the freebies. : ) Enjoy!

  2. Oh, I don't give up on the returns if they start making up rules like that. I will call corporate in a heartbeat. Don't you love Karma? Sweet girl!

    Those were some great prices on everything on sale. I lusted after the pork.

    You still are fighting the cold? I could hear sniffles, not that it hurt the message one bit.

  3. I think the clerk meant it's illegal to KEEP the tax on a return. Haha. I would think it would be all automated to give the tax back without human intervention! Weird!

    Good Deals!

    Sluggy you sound so wheezy and out of breath. I do hope you make this fall all about you and get back on that bike!!

  4. Awesome deals! I don't recall ever returning anything where I didn't get the tax refunded, too.

  5. Where's that southern accent I always imagined? But anyway had something similar at Kroger. Cashier rang up a bunch of broccoli for $80 plus dollars. 30 minutes later manager finally scans some override card. $80 deducted from total bill. Maybe should have said something but I was pissed.

  6. it is awesome when you can get stuff for free - it certainly helps the budget


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