Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Garden Mystery Solved

Well this............

Turned out to be this, once we got into the garden on Sunday and started weeding..........

It was an acorn squash.  Over 2 lbs. of acorn squash!
We went ahead and picked it because it looked like a chipmunk had taken a small bite out of it.
This means I'll have to cook this soon rather than putting it into my root cellar for eating later on in the Fall.
But there are two more baby acorn squash on that plant so there will be more coming(if the critters don't get to them first).

We also found that monstrously large zucchini on one of the two zuke plants.  It was totally hidden by the foliage and weeds.  That makes the third zuke we've harvested this year.
I've placed a pint mason jar in the photo for scale. That is not part of our harvest. ;-)

Between the 3 zucchini and the acorn squash we've picked we have grown 8.14 lbs. of food this Summer.  I decided to weigh stuff and see how much produce we grow this season.  Even with a haphazard last minute garden this year we will be getting a fair amount of produce it seems.
Hubs netting system, though a pain to get into, is also proving to be a pain for the critters to get into, which was goal.  We haven't lost any veggies since he put it up(knock on wood!).
There are tons of tomatoes on those plants as well and I look forward to a nice crop of maters in the coming weeks.  And I'll have enough green tomatoes to make my pepper relish as well this Fall(along with a few for green tomatoes for frying).

When we weeded we also found another volunteer plant.......

A Roma tomato plant!
I planted 2 Roma varieties last Summer which were quite prolific but the deer ate every single tomato on those plants, darn it!
I didn't plant Roma this year so this is a volunteer plant from seed that fell and wintered in the garden bed.
Not sure if any of the maters will get big enough or ripe enough to use but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Now I am off to attempt to weed the front flower bed.  It's just been left all season and has overgrown with weeds terribly.  With everything going on here this Spring/Summer and being gone a good deal of the time that bed has gotten no love or attention.
I'll probably be sore for days after trying to tackle it. bleh.



  1. Please come weed at my house. I will let you do the front or the back.

  2. Those are two seriously large produce! Sprinkle red pepper on the remaining two.

  3. When we grew zucchini we were always careful to check them every day and pick them before they got too large. And yet . . . there was invariably a few mornings we would go out and find a Louisville Slugger under the bush that wasn't there the day before. It is apparently a thing that just happens with zucchini.


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