Thursday, August 4, 2016

July To-Do List.....Update

Here's the update on my June To-Do List.  I post a To-Do list on the side bar of my blog's homepage every month.
Let's see how ol' Sluggy did this month on her list, shall we? ;-)

* Pay Bills  DONE  
Everything got paid and on time, as per usual.

* Bike Something DONE
Well it was something.  The bike finally got set-up and I biked 5.2 miles for July.  I wasn't home for a 10 days so 5.2 miles in 21 days isn't so good.  I've got to get back into it in August.

* Declutter DONE
I kept at it in July.

* 1 Load to Salvation Army DONE

* Read 1 Book DONE
Finally got June's book finished.  And I am halfway through another book.

* Weed Garden and Flower Beds  DONE  And we picked our first veggie in July........

And here are our "largest" tomtoes so far.................

* 1 Doc Appointment DONE

* Replace Ceiling Fan/Light in Kitchen DONE

 Ta Dah!

* Clean Out Shed FAIL
Waiting on Hubs to do this.

* Short Trip to Virginia  DONE
We went for 7 days.  I'll do a full report on this when I get home from Maine.

* Plan Trip to Maine  DONE
Planned(sort of half-assed tho)and we are there now.

* Sew Something  FAIL
Nope didn't have the urge to sew in July.

Only 1 item I didn't get to at all and 1 item Hubs didn't do.

On ward and upward to August!

How did you do with your To-Do list for July?



  1. Even though someone gave me a free pressure canner, I have failed to bake the turkey and can it. Considering the heat and my measly ac unit, I think this is a project left alone until early fall.

    The pressure canner was offered free to the first person who wanted it. The first person to post was ME.

  2. I flunked my July to do house list but I am way ahead on prepping veggies for winter. I guess if I average the 2 I am at a solid "C" for July. Like you said, "Onwards and upwards"

  3. Good work. PS-love your kitchen colors. Vibrant yet rustic,my favorite combo.


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