Friday, August 12, 2016

A Couple of Deals Earlier This Week & A Mystery

Even though I was deliriously sick earlier this week I still got my butt up to Weis(PMITA)Markets for a few good deals.

Part of the Mix & Match/Buy 6, Get $3 off Deals were Huggies wipes and Country Time lemonade.
Both were $1.99 on sale and I bought 12=$23.88.
I paired various IPQs totaling $11.50 with the deal...$23.88-$11.50=$12.38
Subtract the $6 for 2 x the Deal and my OOP was $6.38 for 8 packages of wipes and 4 canisters of lemonade.

Snapple bottles of tea were on sale for $1 each and almost all of them had BOGOFree hangtag Qs on the bottles making the tea bottles .50¢ each after sale/Q.
But these hangtag Qs all rang up for the regular retail off of $1.49, making each bottle .25¢ after sale/Qs.
$3 for 12 bottles.  These are a treat for me.  I love Red Rooibos tea.

I also picked up a package of uncured natural hot dogs for 1/2 off at $2.  Also picked up a package of salmon filet for $4.39 and a package of beef strips for stir-fry at $4.91.  Each of those had $3 off instant meat discount stickers on them.

2 trips to Weis this week with a savings percentage of 54% on 1 trip and 45% on the other trip.

I also made a trip to the farm stand because I was seriously Jones-ing for a REAL tomato!

Those tomatoes were almost as big as the cantaloupe I got! lolz
The 'loupe was $1 and each tomato was $1.25.

I've already finished off 1 of those big maters..... ;-)

And there is a mystery veg lurking in the garden.
I spied this baby 2 days ago hidden under the lush undergrowth......

That dark green orb looks like an acorn squash.
Now I have NEVER planted acorn squash before but last Fall I bought some and probably threw the "guts" from them out into the garden bed.
A lone volunteer squash "of some sort" plant appeared in the garden in early July and has been flowering for the last 3 weeks.  There were no baby veeggies on that plant when we left for Maine but now there is.
I'll get Hubs to take the netting system down over the garden this weekend so we can check this out, check for zucchinis on those plants and weed the bed.
While this netting system he set up keeps us out of the garden it has also kept whatever was eating everything in there last Summer out too(I suspect it was deer and/or racoons.)

More on the mystery veggie later......

Have you found anything unusual in your garden this Summer?



  1. Yes I have found lots of slugs in the garden and none of them are as beautiful as you. By the way we never plant pumpkins, but we have at least 30 of them every year. Right now I know there are 26 pumpkins in the garden I counted. Where do they come from?

  2. We get volunteer pie pumpkins but they usually get choked out by the weeds every year. We get a BUMPER crop of weeds every year! I wish that were edible.
    I'm sorry you've been ill...

  3. I have a volunteer pepper plant with tiny little hot peppers. No idea where it came from, lol.

  4. While I don't have anything remotely resembling a garden, I do have a yard and found something unusual there. Actually, exbf found it. He said he was walking along where we go beside the house to get to the back and side yards. He said he saw an unusual branch and poked it and raked it around with his cane. It was a harp from a lamp. If you don't know the name, the harp is the rod that goes from the lamp up and around the bulb to hold the shade. I walk here all the time and this has not been here all along. The only thing I can figure out is that someone went into my basement and took something, accidentally dropping the harp. There has never been a lock on my basement door. But, it does not lead up to the first floor. There is not much to take. But, I will put a padlock on the basement now.

  5. sweet that you have a volunteer in your garden!

    We got in on that Country Time deal too through Kroger. It was a good deal. :)

  6. Does bats in my raspberries count as crops?

  7. Not a living thing in sight here on the 3rd floor

  8. Composted remains is a possibility as it a "gift" from a bird. No worries, part of the fun of gardening.

  9. A baby bunny! He isn't eating my plants and sticking to the grass. He taunts the dog but is much faster so I think baby bunny is safe for now. We have a lot of bunnies on Vancouver Island (and fat eagles) as domestic bunnies got loose long ago and happily populated the island. The deer followed their lead.

  10. That's really cool! I ended up with a potato plant from my compost. I relocated it, because it was in the middle of my tomatoes, just to see what would happen and we've gotten a few potatoes from it already. Fun, unexpected, extra, free food. That's the best!


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