Saturday, August 6, 2016

My Postcard From Maine

Having a good time here in Maine, wish y'all were here.............

Saw some sights but stayed out of the high touristy areas.......

Ate some(aka lots of!)seafood.......

But not this one...............

 Did some shopping............

Then some shit happened..........

And now I feel like this liquor...................

Even with scenery like this, I am ready to go home now.



  1. I'm getting the feeling that you're not that impressed with Maine.

    1. No Cindi,
      We love Maine.
      It just seems like I've been traveling nonstop since May.
      And We got sick on this trip.
      I just want to sleep in my own bed again. 😩

    2. Awwwww. So sorry. Please feel and get better.

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. I love Maine but nothing worse than being sick away from home.

  4. Sorry you aren't having a good trip!

  5. Being ill and away from home is not fun, scenery or no scenery!

  6. We love Ogunquit and Portland, ME.

    I hear you about travel fatigue. We try to space trips out with plenty of recoup time in between, but sometimes we still overbook.


  7. Maybe you have traveling out of your system now. I remember how you are unhappy right after a trip when you arrive home. I'm guessing this time might be different. I have gotten sick when away from home and it's the worst.

  8. Love Maine, been years since I've been anywhere, however. I prefer to travel away from touristy spots as well. Better vistas, cheaper prices.

  9. Glad to hear you are having a good time. That seafood looks great! :)

  10. I hope you did not get sick from bad food. A lot of sh&^ can happen from that and it is a horrible experience. Did that going to a nieces wedding years ago never want to relive the experience. Sorry.

  11. Your visit to Maine resembles mine from 50+ years ago: Gorgeous scenery, delicious lobster and other seafood, and my whole family got sick (I think we all overindulged).

    Hope you are feeling better now!

  12. I'm sorry that you both got sick. SO I guess you picking me up some seafood and running it over is out of the question?

  13. You went Ocean State Job Lot?! One of my big bargain spots 😜 It's where I get my bob' redmill stuff! And cleaners by Zep and all kinds of stuff

  14. I would absolutely love to go to Maine...and Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, etc. I can't see that happening since I live in California and will not fly. My loss, I know. I hope you're feeling much better by now.


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