Saturday, August 13, 2016

Looking Forward to the Rest of 2016

I am sitting here on a hot and hazy Saturday morning looking at what is ahead here at Chez Sluggy for the rest of the year.

We are almost halfway through August already(can't say as I am NOT happy that the hot weather is leaving soon!lol).

College Boy will be leaving to go back to school in 2 weeks.
I have barely seen him all Summer!  It's been all I could do to corral him to A-get his school bill paid(you have to do this online through his account)and B-get me the info so I could reserve and pay for his textbooks.
He's been working full time this Summer and filling his off hours with rehearsing with various bands, playing gigs with various bands, hanging out with friends, and yes, sleeping as little as humanly possible.  Ah to be young and full of energy..... ;-)

Before you know it, September will be here.

There is the family reunion in Virginia the end of that month.  At this point I am on the fence about going this year.  One of the few relatives who talks to me at this thing(and I actually "know" somewhat)died back in January and no one bothered to tell me until I took the Daughter to visit my brother in July.  Another thing for me to have hurt feelings over besides the sadness I feel at losing this family member.
Between my frame of mind at the moment and just feeling old and not up to anymore traveling right now I might just stay home this year.

Then Hubs will get a hankering to go somewhere in October as he is want to do.
I would love to return to Ocean City Maryland this year as we were last there 2 Octobers ago.  Last year we went to visit my crazy cousin Sonya Ann in October. 8-)

 I do love it down in OC in October when the tourists have left but the weather is still nice and we can get an oceanfront room for $100 a night.  It always seems like our last hurrah before Winter sets in.....
But I don't know if I want to travel again in October this year.  Plus the expense of vacationing?  I just don't want more vacation expenses right now.

Speaking of expenses, we've had a lot of them up to this point this year.
I am still trying to slog through Daughter's medical stuff from Louisiana to match up payments to bills to EOBs.

I figured out that one doctor was overpaid by us to the tune of $126.  So back in early June I had Daughter call their billing office and find out when they were going to return our money.  Well they weren't actually going to send our over payment back until we found it and requested it! Unreal.....

So we asked for the money to be sent back and were told it would take another month's billing cycle before they could cut us a check.
So Augusts 3rd, while I was in Maine the check finally arrived......(identifying info has been blacked out)

Please not that no one there bothered to SIGN THE CHECK!
Ass hats.....
So this meant yet another call to Louisiana to figure out what to do with this.
They want it sent back so someone can sign it.....I wonder how long THAT will take after waiting almost 2 months for this one?!?

The problem reusing this check is that my Daughter only has an online bank and she has to take pictures of checks to deposit them and since the online bank rejected this particular check/number, she needs a whole new check or the bank won't accept it.
So now I get to try to deposit this into my account IF it ever gets returned AND signed.

It's always something isn't it?  8-P

At the rate the bills are piling up this year I am having serious doubts I can get to my savings goal for the year.
We really shouldn't do anymore vacationing in light of this.  Hubs can still take the time off but we can stay home and putter or take local trips if he wants to "do" something.
Maybe I can talk him into cleaning out the shed as a "FUN" activity on his vacation? 8-)

It's not that I don't have the money to cover the bills, for which I am thankful, but spending on non-necessities just doesn't seem prudent for the rest of this year.
Plus I need to reserve some of December's savings to help cover the high-deductible on our medical insurance when it rolls over in January.  I know our premiums will go up(meaning more deducted from the paychecks)plus our deductible may also rise(we'll get the details on that in October).

And then there is that holiday coming up in December......don't make me say it's name! lolz
I have very little put aside so far for the "Bacchanalia of spending" in December.  I have a bit tucked back and have a few things bought but nowhere near the amount I like to have set aside at this point in the year.

But I keep telling myself that as long is everyone is healthy and well it will all be fine.

So what does your remainder of 2016 look like?



  1. Re: medical stuff. I am sooooooooooooo glad to be Canadian.

    ~ Freckles

  2. I can't believe you didn't find out about the death of your relative sooner - how thoughtless! And must have been quite a shock for you. Get in a nice supply of craft beer and I'm sure that shed will get cleaned out lol!

  3. My husband want to go somewhere in October also......

  4. I for one am also looking forward to cooler weather!

    My daughter starts college not this Monday, but the next Monday.

    I'm sorry for the loss of your family member. How sad that no one thought to tell you until you visited your brother. We've had that happen in our family too. It really hurts. :(

    I hope Louisiana gets that check straightened out. What a mess.

    Hope you have a good weekend too. :)

  5. I have had very close relatives die and was told of the funeral an hour before the funeral started. My sister did not want me to come!

    The company needs to cancel the check, cut a new one and mail it. Don't mail it. Call them and tell them you don't want to waste a stamp.

  6. Just give up. Really, there is no helping us. Just keep spending. I've gone insane really.
    Remember when you were here and Den tried to die. Well the insurance that we had at the time went under. Oh joy. SO none of the bills were paid. Oh joy again. Now we are trying to sort that. Why man, why?

  7. I overpaid a hospital this year by $100 for an ER visit. When I called to find out why they hadn't returned it, they said it had been applied as a credit to my account. Who wants a credit at the ER??!! ... So sorry about the loss of your relative. Isn't family just the best? A very close relative got engaged awhile ago and I found out about it when my daughter overheard someone talking at Chick-Fil-A! ... Hope you make it to OC - beautiful place.

  8. Total asshats! I wonder how many people don't check their bill. You should tear them a new one over that one. I know the feeling, I would like to go away but prefer to have a fuller bank account. We finally downsized from 3 to 2 vehicles so that should help plus kid #4 is finally off the dole supporting herself so that is good. Saves $500 per month. Sluggy, you are going through a couple of bumps in the road. You might just want a recharge before you head out on the road again. I personally think a chick weekend would be nice. Too bad all my blogging friends live in another country lol.

    1. Getting caught up too but I think planning a bloggers chick weekend would be great fun! I got enough wine to share.

  9. An unsigned check? That's just goofy. We haven't had a real vacation in 4 years. We figured that living here would be like a vacation. Sadly, it's been anything but. Hubby keeps saying he moved to AL to die just like his parents. Yeah, it's been sucking that bad. Hopefully things will get better for you and for us too.

  10. We've had 2 medical bills that have become time suckers to straighten out. Hope you get back what's due to you soon! I haven't felt like going away either. Costs too much and so much hassle. So sorry to hear about your relative. Family can be so inconsiderate.


  11. Other than a medical conference in October, the rest of the year has no plans.

  12. We are going for one night to Fendwick Island. We need to check out the area for next year. I, personally, would rather drive and do the beach for a day, but #1 Daughter has convinced me that we need a place where grands can hang out in the future.
    Sorry about your family member.
    Medical bills--- praying not to see any for a long while. Good luck. It took two years to straighten out one from my #1 DD when she was taken to a hospital with out id. They billed us $17,000 until our insurance finally stepped in. What a mess.

  13. Sorry to hear about your relative that passed and no one let you know. That is sad and mean.

    I hear you on the medical billing. We deal with a LOT of doctors for hubby and most of them will keep a credit until we call on it. I ALWAYS call on it. I usually wait a month after the insurance pays the claim and then call nicely demanding my refund. I don't know why they don't just automatically refund it. Especially, if it is the ER or a specialist that you see once a year. I also ask for a discount on every medical bill I get. And I often get one.

    We have had a lot of medical expenses over the last year, but nothing we could not handle. It did drain our savings a bit, but that is what it is for and we still have a nice amount in there. I just need to get it built back up.

    Here is to a wonderful rest of 2016!

  14. My husband has been recently diagnosed with cancer - in his neck. The medical bills are just beginning to roll in, medicare pays 80%. He just had surgery and chemo and radiation will start soon so I am really expecting the bills to come....nervous about how we will pay for everything (mortgage, utilities). I hope you get your own medical bill stuff straightened out...

  15. I'm now back from the large family trip. We need every penny now focused on home, but hope to snatch a weekend somewhere. Sorry you have been down-like it or not,I'm not going anywhere.


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