Wednesday, August 24, 2016

They're Going Baaaaack!

Time again to remember this classically funny TV commercial.
It's just genius and it makes me smile every time I see it.

For email subscribers go to YouTube HERE to view it.

For everyone else, check it out below......

The Alice Cooper Staples commercial is pretty cute too.

Only 1 more year for me and I am done forever with Back-To-School stuff!



  1. HaHa! I had my kids in 2 diferent batches-the older two were 12 and 15 when youngest was born- so I had kids in school many years. However, after freshman year in college, they were on their own. All managed to get their stuff home or in storage and back to their apartments in college. I never moved one after that- not even to first apartment but I did store some stuff. Most of that is gone whew- just a few things from youngest dughter who lives in San Fran. Grandsons just got $100 for new clothes or one outfit from the Surf shop LOL.

  2. For several years I was buying for grandkids, I could get better deals than working daughter could in NYC. Her co-workers asked how I got things so cheaply when I paid so little and emailed the list to her.

  3. Down to seven back to school, since doing this since 1994! Just notebooks ,binders, folders and new expensive calculator. Oh maybe a new outfit or two.

  4. I love that commercial! My granddaughter starts the fifth grade, my grandson starts preschool next week. But - I am not looking forward to school starting - I love having them home - the perk of being the grandma!

  5. DJ thinks he is staying for his Masters. This is a good thing but its another year of college probs. I'm pushing for him to get a one bedroom apartment and just stay there until he is done.

  6. I get sick to my stomach when I see back to school supplies, I hated it when my kids went back to school.


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