Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Food Budget Spending Lately

This is the only "putting up" of produce I've done so far this Summer........

I spent a good 2 hours this past weekend prepping, blanching and freezing 5+ lbs. of green beans.

All this work yielded 5 quart sized bags of beans for the freezer.

I also bought almost 6 lbs. of Summer squash but I'll use all that up for meals this week and not put any of that up.  If I get another load of it in the next two weeks I'll blanch and freeze that batch for later.

On Sunday I made a trip to Maine Source.  I like to go on Sunday was you can double dip the Weekend only Deals with the Weekly Deals that begin that day.  I spent $96.57 on that trip but got lots of goodies.
I picked up 23 lbs. of ribs and 9+ lbs. of pork butt.  The ribs were fixed yesterday for dinner and there are a fair amount leftover.  This leftover will NOT go to waste. lolz
The pork butt is in the freezer for now and will be turned into a big batch of bbq pulled pork for sammiches in the coming weeks.
Other meats purchased at Maine Source were 3lbs. of steaks(on tonight's menu)and 2 lbs. of shrimp(was Tuesday's dinner). Eggs were .69¢ dozen so I got 3 containers of those, mushrooms were $5 for 3-12 oz. containers and those went into Sunday's Beef Stroganoff dinner.  Also bought was cabbage, a red onion, 2.31 lbs. of grapes, a beautiful large head of Romaine lettuce for .99¢, a gallon of milk. lunch meat and sliced cheese.  Comparable regular retail on all this would have been $164.56 so I don't feel so bad having spent only $96.57. often do you use the qualifier "only" with that dollar amount? lolz

I also made a trip to the Bread Outlet and they were practically wiped out of good bread products.  1 loaf of bread for Hubs and 2 packages of hot dog rolls cost me $3.00.  3 boxes of chocolate chip cookies and 2 boxes of mini-donuts jumped into my cart as well. (The "kids" here love these Entenmann's little cookies and can inhale a box a piece in a sitting....same for the mini-donuts.  I don't usually buy this stuff but spent the $5 and got them as a treat. And I have been good and not had my fingers in those boxes.)  $8 OOP at the Bread Outlet.

I spent $19.27 at Weis(PMITA)Markets earlier this week.  They were out of the breakfast Hot Pockets so I got a rain check but I did do the Spray N' Wash Deal..........

Spend $20/Get $5 off Instantly.  The regular retail price costs toward the $20 total but the items are on sale, meaning I spent $18.45 only and got $5 off so this lot cost me $13.45 + tax.  These refill jugs were the same price as the much smaller spray bottles of Spray n' Wash so it just makes sense to buy the refill and use the spray bottle I already have to dispense the product, right?  Spray N' Wash is part of my laundering trinity........any brand of laundry detergent, then 15 squirts of Spray N' Wash and a few glugs of Hydrogen Peroxide per load(whites also get some chlorine bleach).
They stopped making Spray N' Wash for awhile a few years back and that made me sad until they brought it back.  I swear by this stuff and have used it ever since 1981.

All in I spent $19.27 OOP at Weis.
A quickie to the local Shursave Market for Veggie Oil and 2 loaves of "good" bread(both on BOGO Deals) and there goes another $10.37 out the wallet.

$126.21 spent this week on food so far.

Next week will be austerity food spending I think.  I'll dig out proteins from the freezer and we'll have some cheaper meats like kielbasa(I've already got the hot dog rolls for it)and chicken I think, so I don't run out of grocery money before the month ends.  Maybe a pasta and shrimp dish too as there is shrimp in the freezer.
College Boy doesn't leave for school until 4 days before the month ends so I won't save any money not feeding him in August.

I do feel happy that I've avoided take-out and eating out since we've gotten back from Maine.  I don't mind spending some more on groceries since we aren't spending on prepared meals.

What have you been buying this week at the grocery stores/farm stands/food outlets?



  1. Just got back from Aldi's and Winn Dixie. I mainly bought cheese (my vegetarian son is visiting soon) and donated $100 at WD to the Louisiana Red Cross. WD is a pretty philanthropic organization so I trust they will get the fubnds there. Plus I got gas points LOL. I'm making beef and saurkraut for dinner and just put a big pot of fresh green beans and potatoes on the stove.I'll probably not go grocery shopping until the weekend. I do better making more trips and then I don;t waste food...hanging head I wasted some caauliflwer and bananas. I really am not that fond of bananas but I buy for their potassium and then end up wasting them...I vow- NO MORE! I just hate it when I waste food.

  2. I am just trying not to spend any money unless I have to. Eating out of the freezer and garden. Pork used to be my favorite meat, but the last few years I have to be so careful. It gives me a horrid stomach ache.

  3. I do use the qualifier "only" before dollar amounts. This week I bought two baskets of yellow squash at the market. I have been inhaling those squash cooked in the crockpot.

  4. New grocery store in the neighborhood with lots of loss leaders means that I am overbudget this month BUT (the qualifier here) I have lots of fzn proteins, including 4 hotel turkey breasts! My September menus are set, using ingredients on hand-my way of keeping grocery spending at $100/person per month or $3.33/day. I'm proud of that. Sept hopefully will give me an opportunity to get back in the black, accounting wise, but I know I will be buying canning tomatoes soon, even if dirt cheap, it's an extra expense.

  5. That's a lot of years of praise for Spray and wash!!!
    DJ is back at school so I am going to try to tighten the belt a bit. I hope.

  6. Those green beans look so good!!!

  7. Home now and need to plan. I through a bag of skinless and boneless chicken thighs in crock pot and have odds and ends that need eating. I need to stay under $90 to keep under $300, and may challenge myself to stay to $75 because we blew the household budget due to extra dry cleaning and health and beauty needs before trip. Rice and beans and beans and rice here we come.


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