Monday, July 11, 2011

Using up the +Ups on Saturday

I had $11.50 in +Up Rewards on Saturday to spend or lose, so here is the junk I bought.
And trust me, most of this IS junk for Hubs and #2 son.....

2 x Planters dry roasted peanuts BOGO sale=$5.29
2 x Flavor-ice frozen sticks on sale .99¢=$1.98
2 x Reese's PB cups on sale .50¢=$1.00
1 x 5 Gum 3 pack on sale=$2.50
1 x RA cookies on sale but wellness discount was lower=$1.91

Coupons Used
1 x .50¢/2 Reeses PB cups AdPerk/VV IPQ=$.50
Coupon Total....$.50  *how pitiful is THAT!lol

I used my $11.50 in +Up Rewards and put the remaining .68¢ on my trusty Rite-Aid gift card so Zero OOP.

I earned ZERO +Up Rewards for this transaction and I got no Customer Survey though I did get one earlier in the week plus a Pharmacy Survey when I got my prescription filled.

A Note***It looks like RA pulled the AMP AdPerk/VV video and coupon off the website.  I guess the problem I had when I tried to use it was nationwide so they yanked it instead of having to deal with fixing/adjusting it.

This week, I have $35+ in +Ups to use by this coming Saturday.  We didn't get the Noxzema Qs here(of course!lol) and there is little I can see to buy to roll my +Ups besides the Compound W.  I really don't want to buy it since we have no use for it....sigh.  So basically unless something materializes this week, I'll be burning through a boatload of +Ups this week. 
It looks like my big stash of +Up Rewards will be dwindling down to nothing soon.  In a way it's a relief not to have to figure out how to roll/use them for awhile.  Maybe I need a break from Rite-Aid for a month or so.....
Since I won't get a summer vacation I'll aim to take a Rite-Aid vacation

So what is everyone else buying at Rite-Aid this week?
Come of people, inspire me! ;-)

Number of Transactions.....1
Total Spent....$.68
Value of Items....$21.92
SCR qualified for...$0.00
Other Rebates earned...$0.00
Gift Cards earned....$0.00
+Up Rewards earned...$0.00
+Up Rewards spent.....$11.50
+Up Rewards left to spend.....$51.76
And I have $39.36 left on my gift card.

Rite-Aid GRAND TOTALS--JULY Rebate Period so far

Number of Transactions......7
Total Spent....$2.38 put on free Gift Cards/Certificates so ZERO OOP

Number of Items purchased.....56
Value of Items purchased....$232.25
SCR qualified for....$9.00
Other Cash....$0.00
Additional Rebates....$0.00
Additional Non-Cash Rewards....$0.00

+UPS Totals for July SCR period
+Up Rewards carryover from 7/3.....$63.26

+Up Rewards spent....$46.93
+Up Rewards earned....$41.38

+Up Rewards left....$51.76  includes ALL +Ups not just ones from this SCR period



  1. The Russell Stover and Whitman Sampler small boxes (reg price $1.49 - $1.59 each) @ $1.27 with 20% discount are producing a $1 +Up, yummy & a good way to roll ;)

  2. I would use them to stockpile food or TP.

  3. It kills me to burn cats. It is heartbreaking!

  4. Since using up all my remaining Ups because I anticipated 2 months of forced no shopping after the foot surgery I thought I was going to have, I haven't been back to Rite Aid. I may have a prescription to get filled after seeing the foot doc later this week, so maybe I'll take it there to get a survey. I do have quite a few freebie coupons I've been saving up so that I can make the most of a $3/$15 survey coupon, but first I have to get into a RA in order to get another survey - LOL!

  5. Awesome! WHAT are you going to do with all that gum??!
    I actually have an idea and I'll forward you an email I got just this morning!

  6. Sheila--I saw when you posted about the baby RS boxes giving +Ups. I just need to FIND some!lol I think my RA is one of the smaller ones so I need to get to the bigger store to find some.
    Not like I NEED the calories!LOLOL

    Precious--I was eye-ing the vinegar and such this weeks so I think I am on your wave length there.
    No TP tho....I will be shot if I bring another roll into this house. Seriously I am a TP

    SonyaAnn--Isn't it tho? It just makes me want to curl up into a ball to burn them. While I burned the Weis Cats, I may be able to roll my Price Chopper Cat this week...stay tuned!

    Pretty--Sounds like a good plan...but at least you don't have a deadline b/c you have no +Ups to roll so no pressure there! It's too hot and muggy to "hound" lately....

    McVal--The gum is for daughter when she comes home from camp. I don't chew gum and #2 son isn't suppose to(braces). That email you sent reminded me of a favorite 3 Stooges episode from my youth...the one were they bake a cake and it's filled with gum. I'm sure I wouldn't find it as funny now as I did at 9 yrs.


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