Thursday, July 14, 2011

Say Hello to My Little Friend!

Let me introduce my new, close, personal friend........

He may be very one dimensional but we enjoy each other's
The downside is that Uncle Sam will want a cut of my new buddy here, come next April. 8-(

I brought Mr. Franklin home on Monday night.  He was my "thank you" for participating in a Focus Group/Mock Jury session held at a local hotel.  We also got some "parting gifts" as Monty Hall use to say but this was the incentive to get me to leave my house, drive 5 miles down the mountain and give my opinion on a case. 

The company I am registered with is turning out to be a good gig for me.  It took a year or so to get things rolling but this is the 3rd group event I've been selected for(2 have been online/1 in-person)since last Fall.  They also send emailed surveys but I seem to get dumped out of them before I get to the end so I only have $2 or so in my account for those so far.  It will be sometime before I can request a $20 check on
If you'd like to sign up with Focus Forward, I'd appreciate if you'd use my link HERE.
They are a nationwide LCC corporation.  Signing up is free and you will never be asked to pay for anything in order to participate in a group.  I highly recommend them.

Another company Hubs is involved with is Pinecone Research.  They send out online survey invites on average of 2-3 a month.  Each completed survey is worth $3 and you can have a paper check sent or request payment through a Paypal account.  Last year Hubs did 20 surveys so made $60.  Of course, Uncle Same also got a cut of that since it IS income.  You won't get rich participating but $60 is a utility bill or a week's worth of groceries, right?

Pinecone doesn't recruit or do referrals.  You have to wait until they have openings and go sign up.  They will advertise openings on various website via banners but there are no set sites or times so it's a matter of keeping your eyes open online and if you hear from some's blog or website that Pinecone Research is taking applications, you need to jump on it.
Hubs didn't get invited right away when he applied.  He had to wait until his demographic fit the profile they were recruiting from so if you don't get in right away, keep trying.

And there is good news on the TOLUNA front as well.  TOLUNA is an online survey company I signed up at the behest of my bloggy buddy SonyaAnn.  If these 2 survey's incentive points every come through from 2 Pending studies I did, I may just actually have enough points to request a $20 check...woohooo!



  1. You should have requested that payment in 100 $1 dollar bills. Then you could have pulled them out over your bed and rolled around naked in them. That would have been lots of fun. Your Friend, m.

  2. That is a nice looking bill! I would like a few please.
    And thanks for the nod. I like nodding.
    Pinecone didn't like me much but I will check out the other one you gave.
    Much love for you and Franklin!

  3. Congrats!!! My hubby does online surveys and other survey type things all the time. He has gotten a lot of things with the Amazon credits that he gets and cashes the little checks as soon as they arrive.

  4. I like Mark's idea of rolling around naked in money. I might try that!

  5. I participated in a mock jury/focus group, also. I got more than $100, but forgot exactly what. We had breakfast and lunch provided and parking money. I was elected as one of the jury foremen. We all snagged enough lunch goodies to have a snack when we finished and dinner at home.

    I love Pinecone. The pack of heavy-duty paper plates that I got to try years ago is still here. My first year I made $100, but not so much in the years past. Sometimes they send me an email asking me to give them names of people who might be interested in joining. I get lots of free products to try. This is just my opinion, but I believe they need more men to participate.

    Somehow, Toluna has just not been my thing. I think the sure thing with Pinecone has spoiled me.


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