Friday, July 1, 2011

Last Shopping Trip for June.....The Good & The Bad

Price Chopper(Northeast)has a Unilever Catalina Deal this week.
Buy $15 in select products(using reg. shelf price, not sale price), get a $5 Catalina.
You can buy 2 packs of the Dove Men's bar soap, on sale for $5.49(reg. shelf price of $8.49), use 2 x $4/1 Dove Men's soap ManuQs(from last Sunday's inserts) so the transaction looks like this....
2 x $5.49=$10.98-$8Qs=$2.98 + tax OOP, receive $5 Catalina Q.

Once you have the $5 Cat, you buy 2 more packs of that soap and at least $2.02 worth of meat/dairy/some other thing you want that you never have Qs for and you get it all for FREE(the 2 packs of soap and $2.02 of the other stuff you buy)& you get another $5 Catalina Q to keep rolling until you run out of the $4 Qs.

Well my Qs arrived in the mail yesterday so I ran to PC to use them.
The problem is there was not a bar of the Men's Dove soap left in the grocery store to buy!

So while I was there I snooped around and found a few other things to bring home.  Hey, I've already blown past my food budget limit for June, why not just add to the misery, right?lol

1 x frozen corn on sale=$1.00
3 x Pop-Secret popcorn on sale B1G2F=$2.99
5 x organic mult-grain flour Tortillas on sale $1.99=$9.95
3 x Hatfield hot dogs on sale B1G2F=$3.99

Coupons Used
1 x $1/2 Pop-Secret ManuQ=$1.00
10 x .75¢ Instant dairy section discount stickers on the Tortillas=$7.50
1 x $2/1 any Hatfield item IPQ(Hatfield website)=$2.00
Coupon Total....$10.50

$17.93-$10.50=$7.43 OOP

Reg. retail was $36.89, for a 79.86% savings!

Analysis--The popcorn boxes and each pack of hot dogs came to .66¢ a piece with the sales/Qs.  Ok, they aren't Nathan's or Hebrew National, but these hot dogs are a mite better than Oscar Mayers! Suitable to feed the teenage son's hoard of friends that descends on the house in the
The tortillas were a great buy!  The $1.50 in instant discount stickers on each package made them .49¢ per package.  Really good for organic and multigrain.  I'll tuck these into the freezer until they are needed. 
The package of corn was needed for that evening's dinner plan.

I'm headed back to Price Chopper in a little bit to see if the restocking truck did indeed arrive, as I was told it would.  If I don't end up being able to use these Dove soap Qs there, there is always Rite-Aid, right?lol



  1. you're just amazing.
    I suppose if I did my homework, I could get deals like this too...
    I was always a lousy student....
    Have a great 4th!

  2. I hope your truck came in...that's the bad thing w/Cat deals, if no product on shelf your $crewed LOL BTW, does your PC double now too?

  3. McVal--Aw shucks....thanks! ;-)
    Yes, I am sure if you wanted to take the time and brain power you could get some great deals.
    Keeping more of our income is motivation enough for me....well, that and not having a full time
    You have a great and QUIET less dog 4th!

    Sheila--Our PC doubles but only to $1....they didn't change with the new chainwide double policy so no .75¢ doubling to $1.50 for us.

    I hate not getting my Qs til mid-week when I have to order them. The truck never came but the other PC had plenty of soap...go figure!lol


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