Monday, July 4, 2011

Price Chopper and The End of the Soap Saga

If you've been following the adventures of our heroine from this post HERE, she was waiting on the Price Chopper guy to call her when the soap hit the shelves on Saturday morning.

Around the crack of 11 am the phone rings and the PC guy is on the other end.  Seems they didn't receive any more Dove Men's soap on the truck.  I thanked him for at least letting me know I crapped out on the soap, so I didn't sit by the phone ALL DAY waiting on the call.
At this point I channeled my dead beloved dog, Mango, and said, "Crap"!  This was his favorite expression.....well, the expression that would have been his favorite if indeed he could talk. ;-)

Since I had to run out Saturday to other stores I found myself over by the other PC that had soap on Friday.  I figured I'd go in and check if any was left at this late stage of the Catalina game.
And I'm glad I did check it out since they were well stocked in the soap!  I think this PC jacked the other PC's soap shipment....don't ya think?lol

So I did 3 small transactions, one after another, from left to right in the photo.....

Transaction #1
2 x Dove Men's soap on sale=$10.98
1 x PC Sour Cream=$1.69
1 x Grands whack biscuits on sale=$2.00

2 x $4/1 Dove Men's soap ManuQ(6/26 RP insert)=$8.00
1 x $1/1 Instant PC Discount sticker on biscuits=$1.00
1 x $5 OYNO Catalina Q(from last batch of soap I bought)=$5.00
Coupon Total....$14.00

$14.67-$14.00=$.67+$.36 tax=$1.03 OOP
And I received a $5 Catalina Q.

Transaction #2
Rinse and Repeat Transaction #1.

Transaction #3
2 x Dove Men's soap on sale=$10.98
3 x Hatfield hot dogs on sale B1G2Free=$3.99
1 x Grands whack biscuits on sale=$2.00

2 x $4/1 Dove Men's soap ManuQ(6/26 RP insert)=$8.00
1 x $2/1 Hatfield any item IPQ(from company website)=$2.00
1 x $1/1 Instant PC Discount sticker on biscuits=$1.00
1 x $5 OYNO Catalina Q(from last batch of soap I bought)=$5.00
Coupon Total....$16.00

$16.97-$16.00=$.97+$.36 tax=$1.33 OOP
And I received a $5 OYNO Catalina Q.

I had a young gal cashier who didn't bat an eye when I asked to do 3 transactions in a row.  They weren't busy and I didn't go to an Express Lane which helped.  And I was organized and prepared and ready with my loyalty card, coupons and money for a
She got a kick out of what I was doing after the 2nd transaction and she saw how little I was actually spending. 

I ended up with 6 6-packs of soap, 3 tubes of whack biscuits, 2 containers of sour cream, 3 packs of hot dogs and a $5 Catalina for a grand total OOP of $3.39.
$74.66 worth of items for a savings of 95.46% and $5 in free food to spend later.

Of course, I couldn't end my trip to PC on a high note, could I?
The parking lot at this store is crazy weirdly shaped with another parking lot just next door.  I parked in the lot next door because it was a shorter walk to the entrance of the PC.  Makes perfect sense to park closer, right?
So I go to push the cart(one of those mini carts)out of the store and out into the parking lot roadway to get to the lot where I am parked and I almost take a header OVER the cart when it stops dead in the road!
I thought I had hit a deep pothole or something.  But I look down to see there is a BOOT on the cart the ones they put on parking scofflaws who don't pay their tickets!  It must automatically trip the boot when you go over a certain perimeter.  Since this other lot is closer than alot of the parking spaces in the PC lot, it can't be a distance thing, so there must be a 'force field' around the store and the store's lot that trips the boot.
I guess they use to have a lot of carts stolen or vandalized in this area but dang, you think they'd put a sign up warning you that your cart will be disabled outside of a certain area.  I could have actually gotten hurt if I had fallen to the ground or ran over while I stood out in the road trying to drag that blasted cart back to the curb of the store.
Hmmm....I think I need to write them a letter.....

So I get the cart dragged, half carried back to the curb.  Do you know how heavy a shopping cart is??  I do now! 8-(
Then I tried to carry my 3 bags(blasted heavy soap!)to the car with one bag split open down the side and stuff is falling out of it into the road.

It's always something, ain't it? ;-)


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