Sunday, July 24, 2011

July Food Spending Week 3.....3 Shopping Trips but Frugal

I am going to update each week in July on my food spending. After the last 2 months of going over, maybe this will help me stay on track more if all of y'all are watching me.....watching me in a good way, not the bad, creepy way. ;-)

Between July 15th and 23rd I made 3 trips to the grocery store!  I know it's a bit more than a week but I need to include an extra couple of days in the last 2 weeks of July as the month has 31 total, not 28. ;-)

I spent a total of $61.76.  The 1st trip was that small OOP one to Price Chopper(northeast)where I used my Catalina Q.  The 2nd trip was to the local independent grocer where I spent $10.50 on a watermelon, 2 cukes, a cantaloupe and 3lb.s of yellow squash.
Then yesterday I spent $47.62 on 2 large London Broils(BOGO deal!), a gallon of milk, 3 blocks of cheese, 18 eggs, a package of clearance steak(which came out to $2lb.), 2 lbs. of tilapia, a head of lettuce, a lb. of broccoli and 1.5 lbs. more of yellow squash. Almost 33% savings rate on that last trip but still pretty good considering all the meat I got.

I've eyeballed the sales this week and mostly it's the dreaded "house brands on sale" week so not many items you can stack sales and coupons upon to get some inexpensive food.
I'll post my Meal Plan tomorrow, but for today I'll let y'all know I have a trip to the bakery/bread outlet(we are out of bread)and 1 trip to Weis Markets on my agenda for the last week of July's spending.  I've got $1/1 Cabot Cheese IPQs to combine with a sale on Cabot Cheese at Weis($2.50)so there is $1.50 a package cheese in my future, as well as 1 $1.25 package house brand cream cheese.  I may head to the farm this week for some veggies and fruit but I don't foresee much OOP in the food spending category in Week 4.  I predict $20-$30.

With the $61.76 spent last week, I have a grand total spent in July so far of $136.49 for food.

How about you?  Are you eating from your pantry/stockpile this week?



  1. I have spent about $60 so far.(1 person) I have even stockpiled a thing or two. I am eating meat from the freezer, as always. I am going through the chicken produce and getting the good stuff for me. Plus, a friend gave me enough bagged Romaine and leaf lettuce to feed an army. I am trying to cut back on milk, so that should cut out about a gallon each month or more. There have been no meat sales to restock the freezer as I empty it. Hopefully, that trend reverses itself.Also, I am saving only about 20% with coupons. I found some frozen bread, saving me that expense and making the freezer even more spacious. I actually thought I had run out of frozen bread!

  2. I filled up my shelves a couple weeks ago, so I"m hoping outside of dogfood that I can make it until August 1st. We'll see...
    Good job on you!

  3. I've been trying to hit the stockpile whenever possible, but I'm also aware that I haven't been doing any replenishing of the stockpile, just coasting along on getting the "essentials" each week to supplement the stockpile. At some point, I'm going to have to divert money from somewhere else in the monthly budget to do some stockpiling -- of on sale deal items, of course -- or I won't have much left in the cupboard at all. But I'm lousy on pasta and tuna fish, so I probably won't starve.


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