Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Food Spending from Saturday.....and Eating on Sunday

I went to use my $10 Catalina Q at Weis Markets last Saturday.
They had an unadvertised special on Hillshire Farms Smoke Sausage for $1.99 lb, so I picked up 2 as this is my "buy price" for kielbasa/smoke sausage.

I also found a $3.53 priced piece of steak with a $2 instant discount sticker on it, so $1.53 for just under a lb. of steak.  This will go into the freezer to use in chili, beef stroganoff or something else at a later date.

The main item was the hunk of ribs I picked up.  They were $1.79 a lb. and I got a 5.04lb. hunk that cost $9.02 total.  $1.79 was the best per lb. price around here.

My bill total was $14.53 but after the $10 CatQ I paid $4.53 OOP.  Not a bad price for almost 12 lbs. of meat. ;-)
That's an 81.18% savings rate.

Since the ribs were 'previously frozen' I used them on Sunday.
We fired up the smoker.  Here is my baby......I call her "Precious"......yes, she is the "one ring that will feed us all".....

After 4 hours "low and slow" with an applewood chips smoking, here is what  the ribs looked like....

And after another 3 hours in the smoker, I sauced them up and glazed them up for 20 minutes in the oven and ended up with this....
Not quite fall off the bone but with a pink smoke ring clear to the bone.  Just enough char on the outside but tender and moist inside.
Look good enough to eat, don't they? 8-)

There is one serving left and Hubs has put 'dibs' on them for tonight's Leftovers Night.

I am liking my Precious this summer.  It's one way to cut down on electricity use and generating heat in the kitchen in this hot weather.  And it turns out scrumptious meats! ;-)
Now I have to find me a beef brisket that isn't corned to fill my smoker.....

So do you like real barbecue?  Are you a dry smoked meat lover or do you like em sauced?
What's your favorite barbecued meat?



  1. Being from Kansas City, I kind of "have to" like real barbecue. Although I probably don't like it as well a lots of folks. I like mine dry smoked, or maybe with a dry rub. Sauce to taste at the table only. Pork is always my #1 choice...but I'll eat all the rest, too.

  2. I live in the South. Is there anything else but pork? Since I am originally from Memphis, we had lots of barbecue to choose from. I am not choosy about barbecue, although I do prefer some to others. White, vinegar barbecue sauce is not real, in my opinion. BBQ chicken is delicious. BBQ sandwich with sauce and coleslaw on top is the best. I am not crazy about gnawing on a rib, but do it with great satisfaction. Now, I really want BBQ!

  3. Please invite me over!!!!
    I love your baby. She is a beaut, Clark.


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