Sunday, July 10, 2011

Guess What?......

It's Baaaaaaaaaack!

If you are lost and have no clue what I'm talking about, go read THIS or THIS.

It reappeared late Friday.  But I did get "the story" from Hubs.  He talked to The Hermit on his way back from walking the beagle, as The Hermit was out fussing with the Behemoth RV at that time.

Seems they now store The Behemoth somewhere during the off season. 
Hermit says he had it brought here to 'work on stuff'.  I guess they'll be taking it out on vacation in the coming weeks.
Gee, at least they get to go somewhere this Summer......sniff, sniff.....

Anyway, it left last October mid month, so it was gone 8.5+ months!
I'm just hoping the Behemoth disappears again come October, or sooner!
This would make me very happy......yes, I am easy to please.  ;-)

Ok, I am off to go smoke some ribs now!

Sluggy-living in the trailer park again 8-)


  1. I tried smoking ribs once. I couldn't get them to stay lit. ;)

  2. Annie J--*rimshot* She'll be here all week,

  3. I just knew we had something in common. We're both original trailer trash. I'm so happy to find one of my own. m.

  4. Maybe they will be gone for 3 months. They must have time on their hands. Look how they mutilated those shrubs/trees. See the one behind the car and the tall cones. Suggest they trim them into animals shapes.

  5. I'm sorry about that nasty trailer!!!

    And every time I attempt to get my ribs a'smokin' someone always puts me out...

  6. Mark--I just KNEW we had a special bond! My brother from another mother. ;-)

    PracticalP--I'm just glad they trim those things because they look REALLY BAD when they don't.
    We pulled our old fashioned hedges out a few years ago and opted for veggies and

    McVal--Thanks for the I guess I am weird that I hate it so and think it's a big metal expensive eyesore but still...
    As for the ribs a'smokin' comment I won't even GO there!lolol

  7. Here's hoping that once the "stuff" gets fixed, the RV will be gone for a very long summer trip!

  8. Pretty--I'm hoping for an extended trip too! But if they are true to form it will only be a couple of weeks. I just hope they take it back to storage when they are done with it for the


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