Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Dove Men's Soap Goose Chase

So I hike over to Price Chopper AGAIN on Friday since the gal yesterday told me the truck would be in then to bring more soap to the store.
Same gal was at the CS desk and remembered telling me about the truck but I explained that I had already gone over to the aisle and the shelf was still empty!
The gal asks other gal and she confirms that yes, they DID put out more soap that morning so someone came in and must have CLEARED THE SHELF!
I am seriously NOT liking all these Wannabee Extreme Couponistas coming in with their ill mannered shelf clearing ways!

So #2 gal says another truck is coming in late Friday and I get ahold of the guy who will be on duty early Saturday and he is to CALL ME when my soap arrives/is put aside so I'll go down when I get the call as I have other errands I can run tomorrow over there....IF I get the call since there are no guarantees that more soaps is on that truck.

So since I am out and have to go on the other side of town on Friday, I stop in the other Price Chopper......and low and behold, they have SOAP!
**The sounds of an angelic chorus as they descend over my head.**

So I bought 2 packs of soap...2 x $5.49=$10.98
I used 2 x $4/1 Dove ManuQs...$10.98-$8.00 in Qs=$2.98 +.66¢ tax=$3.64 OOP
And I received a $5 Catalina Q.

Then I bought 2 more packs of soap..2 x $5.49, and a seedless watermelon*not picture*....$10.98+$2.99=$13.97
I used 2 x $4/1 Dove ManuQs & the $5 Cat Q($13)....$13.97-$13.00=$.97+.36¢ tax=$1.33 OOP
And received a $5 Catalina Q.

So if the truck at the other PC doesn't bring more soap, I'm all good with these 4 packs.
I'll get more if they call me though.

I'm thinking of doing "this" transaction since I have another $2/1 Hatfield Q.....
2 x Dove soap=$10.98
3 x Hatfield hot dogs B1G2F=$3.99
1 x 1 zuchinni @ $1.29 lb.=approx. $.50
Coupons....2 x $4/1 Dove Soap, 1 x $2 Hatfield, 1 x $5 Cat Q=$15.00
OOP....$.47 + tax and get another $5 Catalina

$.47 + tax for 12 bars of soap, 3 packs of hot dogs and a zuke sounds pretty good to me.

If I get 2 more packs of soap I can add in a couple of containers of sour cream, as we are out, and after Qs, my total OOP for 12 more bars of soap and 2 containers of dairy will be about $1.50 with tax(plus I'll receive another $5 Catalina Q).


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