Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weis Catalina Results from Last Week or How to Destroy Your Food Budget in One Week!

So I did the Purina Catalina Deal 4 times and the Nestle Catalina Deal 4 times last week at Weis Markets, rolling the $8 Nestle Cats and the $10 Purina Cats one into the next.

Grand Total of what I got....

17 lb. Dog Chows....7
Cans of Mighty Dog...60
Cans of Alpo....19
Busy Bone.....1
Taster's Choice instant coffee...4
Coffee-Mate powder....1
Juicy Juice.....4
Nestle Syrup...8

Cost OOP...$123.31 and an $8 Catalina left to use
Reg. Retail Value....$270.75

Not great but a 54.45% savings rate.
A full year's worth of dog food(when supplemented with the fresh veggies/meat I give them also) and a supply of coffee and chocolate milk mix to get the family through the summer or longer.

Add in the non Catalina items I bought last week at Weis Markets and the Restaurant Supply purchases and I've nearly spent my whole month's food budget for May already.
And the month is only one third over.

Here's hoping I get some rebate checks in soon to put toward the food budget. 8-)

So how is your food budget going this month?


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