Monday, May 16, 2011

The Weekend Here

Well Saturday I spent running around grocery and HBA shopping.  I hit some Rite-Aids(well, that's a given!lol), and did a Cat Deal at Weis Markets(to roll my $8 cat from last week), and did some Instant Savings Deals(like a Cat Deal but you get the amount off that transaction instead of a Cat to roll)at 2 of the local independent markets here.  I have stocked up on food for the Graduation Party, as well as lots of food items for when #2 son is home from school this summer and I am feeding him and his bottomless pit friends for days on

Rolling the Weis Cat I saved 68.25%.
The one Instant Savings receipt I saved 57.80% and the average of the other 2 trips to the other Instant Savings store gave me a savings rate of 55.41%.
That's the good news.
The bad news is that I have blown my food budget out of the water to the tune of $325.18.....and May is only HALF OVER!

Sunday I spent catching up on my bookkeeping, cooking, digging through the freezer and meal planning.  I still have a ton of bags littering my kitchen floor from the shopathon that need emptying and the contents need to be organized and put into the stockpile.

Between what I've stocked up on and the veggies I'm hoping to get from the garden, my summer food bill should be well under my monthly budgeted amount.
At least that is the fantasy I am holding onto in my head. lol

#2 son was on his Marching Band trip to Disney this weekend.  2 full nights sleeping on a bus, 2 nights in a motel and 3 days at various parks.  They had to drag him back onto the bus to go home.  He is exhausted and fell asleep before 8pm Sunday night.  Of course, he spent every penny of the $100 his father gave him for 'necessities'.
You know.....all those 'necessary' sodas and bags of food-like substances to drop by his gullet.

Daughter spent the weekend working her last 2 shifts at her job before she became an ex-employee there.  Now she has more free time for avoiding chores and school work. And she has no source of money so this will put a damper on her constantly wanting to go out with her friends because she knows better than to ask me for money for
One more month until I can relax when she walks across that stage and actually gets her diploma.

And Hubs spent Saturday driving across the state and back to retrieve #1 son from college.  I might add that #1 son got a 3.8 GPA this past semester......2 years down, 2 more to go until he can go out into the big, bag world and support himself. ;-)
He has a serious girlfriend now and stays up most of the night on Skype talking to her.  He either has to call her earlier or start using his "inside voice".  We don't have cement dorm walls here and I need my sleep. 8-(

Here is my Meal Plan for the week....
Sunday--Meatloaf, Collards(the last from the garden last summer), Dinner Rolls
Monday--Beef Stroganoff, Rice, Rutabaga
Tuesday--Chicken Fettucine Alfredo, Salad
Wednesday--Probably leftovers since we have a school function to attend that evening
Thursday--Enchiladas, Corn, Squash Casserole
Friday--Lasagna with Collards
Saturday--Chili with beans, Cornbread

The only items I need to buy are the squash and some ricotta cheese for the lasagna....and some milk for the week.  I'll probably buy some lunchmeat for #1 son for sandwiches this week as well.

I'm off to go figure out what I want to get done for the next 14 days since I have a strong teen at my beck and call  24/7 for the next couple of weeks.



  1. Do you ever stop??? I get tired just reading!!!

  2. I am so glad all my kids haved moved out!

  3. It's like a teenage plague. God save the queen, wait to hell with her, save us!

  4. Alex M--Funny you should ask because I took a nap right after I posted I just sound busy...

    Frances--Oh, I do hope to experience your bliss in a few years....if I make it that

    SonyaAnn--You need to find Anna a job where she can go live there, like a summer camp. I highly recommend summer camp jobs!lol

  5. Yes, summer camps are wonderful!!! I loved going to them, I loved working for them, and I loved sending my son to them :)


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