Saturday, May 7, 2011

Red Alert, Red Alert!

In just under 3 weeks from now, extended family members will start descending upon my house.

My Daughter will be graduating from high school on June 10th.

Besides the BIL and nephew who live in town, we have 3 more and possibly a 4th family member coming to town for the big event.  Add in that #1 son's girlfriend is also going to be here too.

Hubs sister is staying a week, my Brother and SIL will be here for a shorter time and Hubs brother may also come up for a few days.  Various people will even be staying/sleeping at the house and not at a nearby  motel.
Needless to say I now have a mission.......
A mission to get the house decluttered before then by any means possible and cleaned up as well!

So I am going into dejunking overdrive.

Here's the plan.....

*Go through every box still in the living and dining rooms.
Sort into Donation boxes or Save boxes.
Take donation boxes to Salvation Army.
Take save boxes and put into storage unit.

*Go through every box in the garage.
Sort and donate or put into storage.

*Then start deep cleaning the house.
One room per day gets cleaned until all are finished.

*Then it's clean up the front porch, back deck and yard.

#1 son will be coming home in about 7 days so I'll have him to help me with the heavy lifting part and maybe I can talk him into painting the powder room.  Yah, I'm dreaming on that one!lol

The good thing about getting this all done will be that the living and dining room will FINALLY be cleaned out and I can then proceed to get someone in there to fix the walls and ceiling, paint the rooms, pull up the carpet and install the bamboo flooring.

I've only been trying to fix these rooms up since we moved here going on 11 years ago!

So be looking for some extra Salvation Army donation photos coming soon as I begin The Big House Clean-Out of 2011!



  1. This post was like porn for me!
    Happy Mother's Day!
    Your Friend, m.

  2. Thanks Mark.
    So glad I could get you
    Happy Other Mother's Day to you!


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