Friday, May 20, 2011

Things Can Change At A Moment's Notice

Forget the post I planned for today.
I'm too shook up to write it.

Hey SonyaAnn!
I see your van's bumper and can raise you a totaled car......

Unfortunately my phone doesn't download photos to the internet so I'll show you a picture of a different wrecked Toyota.  Ours looks even worse at the moment.....

Some teenager plowed right into my daughter and me through a red light at the intersection in town.
She didn't even slow down....well, until she hit us doing 40 mph, then she had no choice.
We are ok, just a bit banged up, bruised and emotionally shook up.
The teenager is fine too.

Our car is totaled according to the towing guy.
This was the car #1 son was suppose to drive to his summer job next Friday.

It helped that we got hit within spitting distance of our car insurance agent's office.
It helped that a rescue squad guy was in the car behind us and immediately pulled his car into the intersection, put his flashing bar of lights on the roof on, donned his emergency reflective vest and started directing traffic....and that he witnessed the whole thing.

It's a good thing we were wearing seat belts too.

While I am thankful that we didn't become roadkill today, this does put a crimp into our lives.

Please drive safely!



  1. Wow! You do anything to out-do SonyaAnn, won't you?
    But seriously, I am so glad that you are okay. And although she hit you at only 40mph, that could have been a horrible mess.
    So my question is, was she texting?

  2. Oh - That's scary. I am glad that you are all ok.

  3. I'm so sorry. It's so terrible to have an unexpected totalled car! I'm happy you are both safe and not hurt. My husband totalled 2 cars last year (fortunately neither was his fault) but they still cost money.

  4. So glad that everyone is ok. Take some time to relax and wind down tonight.

  5. Oh honey, that is horrible! I am so glad you and your daughter are alright.

  6. OMG-I should shut up now. It's like we are stuck in a terrible game of Russian Roulette. We need to get off this monster of a ride and detox or something.
    I'm so glad that you both are ok. I couldn't make it without my sluggy. I know that just as long as everyone is alright, it doesn't matter. But when you are the one doing all the red tape from an accident and your usual chores it gets to be a bit much.
    Are you ready to run away with me yet? Oh wait, we don't have a vehicle!

  7. Mark--I didn't have the presence of mind to look over and see if she was texting...but it's bad enough that she was a 16 yr. old new driver. 8-(
    And SonyaAnn just bested me....her other car died today. Bad day all around for cars for

    Chitra--Thanks lady! I laid down and woke up with more pains, but it's nothing that will kill me so all is good. 8-)

    SunaFredaDebta--Thanks for coming to see me today and leaving a comment. Glad your hubs was ok....2 cars in 1 year? Geez....
    Since our car was as old as my daughter, we'll get very little for the car and certainly can't replace it for that much. bleh.

    AnnieJ--Thanks gal! I guess I won't be coming over to help you rip that carpeting out, huh?

  8. OMG, Sluggy!! ((((((cyber hugs)))))) I'm so glad everyone's okay, and that the rescue guy was right behind you and will be an ace witness, to boot. But, wow! Yes, everything really can change from one instant to the next. I'm SO glad you and your daughter (and the other driver, too) are all right!!!!!!

  9. Just stopped over to see how you are doing? Bet you are stiff.

  10. I'm so sorry sluggy - but I'm SO glad you two are OK!!

  11. That's scary. Wouldn't you like to be able to see this teen's parents' reactions? My sister refused to allow her daughter to drive until my niece turned 18. My sister just gave her cab fare, so the niece had no valid complaints about not being able to go places to meet friends or shop.Yes, she took a cab to school each morning since my sister had to be at work hours earlier. Glad you are okay.


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