Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Decluttering P*rn......Toys for Days!

The first photo, to get you to your decluttering "happy place", is of a couple of bags of clothes Hubs and I purged from our closet.  I found skirt/top sets I hadn't worn in 10 years!  Also some heavier fabric tops I never wore.....ugh.  And some really ugly colored pants....

Now onward to the toys.....yes, toys for days and days and days.
Again, if anyone wants/needs any of this stuff and wants to make me an offer(barter is good and cash is even better!lol), just shout out.

Would you believe Get Smart action figures? *said in my best Don Adams voice*

Original Toy Story and The Mask sticker books with packs of stickers and vintage My Little Ponies in need of a good comb thru....

More vintage MLPs, along with Johnny Lightning brand Hot Wheels type cars, Furby and M&M ornaments and Power Ranger stickers.....

Power Rangers in Space Astro Megazord......

The Smurf Tree-Go-Round and Power Ranger Quasar Launcher weapon.  I wonder how many shots from the launcher would it take to obliterate the Smurfs?

Bendable Jar Jar Binks and Wattoo dolls.  The Bert and Ernie of outer space......

A Star Wars puzzle and a couple of Power Rangers on Galaxy Gliders...

A Curious George Gumball Bank and another Smurf.   Where's my Quasar Launcher when I need it?!?

Behold, the Power Rangers Galaxy Megazord....the tiny 6" action figure sized one.....
and a couple of fake shoes....tiny collectible fake shoes for tiny fake feet.

A couple of Doughboy ornaments because nothing says the birth of Jesus like baked goods, right?
And if baked goods don't do it for ya, you could hang the John Glenn Hot Wheels action pack figures on your tree instead because nothing says Christmas like jet fueled rockets and astronauts who Dance with the Stars!

a large The Dog brand stuffed dog.....a beagle wearing reindeer antles because nothing says Christmas, well you know the rest.....
Ignore the Precious Moments box, that isn't going to Sallie's.  I can sell that shit even though it weighs a TON! 8-)

And a baggie with an ANNIE book, tape and a couple of Annie dolls.  I think my mother picked this stuff up at a yard sale ages ago for my Daughter.  Mom never gave the stuff to my Daughter however and I found this among her things after she died.  After she found out that the Daughter undressed her Barbie dolls to use the clothes to put on her stuffed animals and left the dolls mangled in a heap under her bed or something, she prolly decided to spare the twin Annies from that nekkid and unloved fate.
So now I get to dispose of them.  Yay me! ;-)
More to come, maybe later this week!



  1. No offers from me. We are trying to get rid of toys, not bring more in. Kat has a loft bed that she wants out of her room when we get the new carpet. Once the bed is regular height (on the floor), she'll have even less floor space for toys than she does now.

    Looks like you're doing a great job!

  2. Great Job!
    How is it that you have all of these toys that are new in boxes? m.

  3. If you keep at it woman, so will I!!!

  4. Whew! We're decluttering too! And TONS are going to the Goodwill from our house.
    And the saga continues...

  5. AnnieJ--Thanks for the encouragement!8-) I can't wait to see Kat's room redo...

    Mark--I use to buy end of the season/clearanced toys and resell them for big money to toy collectors on eBay when my kids were small. I would usually have to hold them for a year until they went out of production first. It was a way to bring income into the house and still be a SAHM. As the kids got bigger and took more of my time, I didn't have as much time for the actual listing/selling part but I continued to buy/hoard them anyway for future selling. Now that ebay has shit the bed and the postal rates are sky high I can't turn enough of a profit to continue to sell them....so I donate to charities and take the tax write-off.
    Does that explain it enough?lol

  6. AlexM--It's a deal!! I'll keep on keeping on if you will....

    McVal--I want proof! Show me the pictures...lol

  7. Love your decluttering! What about selling those toys on Craigslist?

  8. "because nothing says the birth of Jesus like baked goods"

    You seriously made me spit soda at my screen... :D

    Excellent decluttering!!!! Our house is sooo empty compared to what it used to be, and yet there's sooo much left to go!

  9. Precious--Actually I am considering that since those toys haven't left yet. I also thought about putting them into my garage sale I want to have soon too. Decisions, decisions...lol Thanks for the comment!

    Pretty--Yah, I thought that line was pretty clever myself.lol Thanks for the encouragement! Your living did look very 'spacious' in your last photo. I don't consider my decluttering job done until the room echoes. ;-)

  10. With the new Smurfs movie coming out, you may want to hang on to your Smurfs stuff, it might be worth selling on eBay.:)

  11. Hey thanks for the info Anonymous!

  12. I'd like to buy the power rangers quasar launcher and space astro megazord. I'll give you $40 for them. You can email me at yankeefan15@charter.net,


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