Monday, May 9, 2011

Size Matters on Mother's Day

My Daughter has to "one-up" everyone else.
It's a trait that has served her well at times but other times it has been her downfall.
I just wonder where she gets this from?  
*sluggy whistles absentmindedly while looking at the ceiling*

Anyway here is what greeted me when I finally trudged down the stairs Sunday morning......please excuse the bed hair and "not quite awake" stare on my face.....

And inside was this.....
Yes, Daughter believes that a ridiculously large novelty Mother's Day Card is the way to show that she loves me more than her brothers love me.
Either that or she is trying to butter me up so I don't yank her college $$$ anytime in the next 3 months & throw her ass out in the street now that she's 18, no matter how tempting the thought of that is.
Sending $15K to a school or having my kitchen's a hard call some days! ;-)

#1 son sent me a card(a funny card as expected)and actually called ME on Sunday and talked to ME for a record breaking 20 minutes!  This was a huge sacrifice on his part as we both are NOT "telephone magpies" kind of people.

#2 son hid in his room most of the day, thereby avoiding having to interact with me.  I did call him out at one point and told him that today was Mother's Day.  He grunted something(it might have been Happy Mother's Day but my super sonic hearing wasn't turned on for the day, so I can't be sure)and then he disappeared back into his cave room. 

Hubs fixed me breakfast, gave me a card and flowers and went for take-out Chinese for dinner. 

Even more exciting, he also helped me work on decluttering the living/dining room without being asked to or complaining that it was cutting into his sports watching. 
Yes, the man knows the way to my heart. ;-)
I was truly the Queen for the Day here in the Upper Polka Belt of PA on Sunday!

This morning it was back to cleaning up dog shit in the kitchen.....



  1. Bedhead on Mother's day is something that we all deserve! It was a fun day for me too but alas, we are back to reality now and I'm fighting tooth and nail with DJ. I would have thought that it would have been me and Anna not me and the boy. Hmmmmm, times are a changing!

  2. That card is a hoot and a half :) Sounds like you had a very fun (and interesting) Mother's Day!!!

  3. Love it! That is too funny. But where to store it???


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