Thursday, May 5, 2011

Here's the April Salvation Army Donation....Better Late Than Never!

So we finally got the April donation together.
Since he's been out of town, Hubs will be dropping it off later today at Sallie's.
Yes, it's May now, but I'm counting this all as April's booty.
Most of this is stuff I bought(for very cheap)to sell on eBay but because of one reason or another, it never left my house(or more accurately, my storage unit).
I haven't found the time to arrange it all nicely for a photo shoot so it's just random shots of boxes of crap basically.

 That Hallmark collectible(the big blue box)never sold.  The fabric pieces are going too.  The white one has huge bright colored circus animals on it...the fabric is nylon, like underslip or nightgown nylon.  There are 5 yards of it.
Whatever was I thinking when I bought that?

 The candle shaped Christmas lights are from when Hubs and I first set up housekeeping.  They never stayed upright on the Christmas they are
There's some more nylon fabric...who buys this stuff besides me?
The trout shower curtain hooks were another momentary lapse in judegement....who does there bathroom in a trout theme?  Well, this IS Pennsyltucky.....
Lastly in that shot are some old unused school folders.  Pokemon or Beetleborgs anyone?lol

 In this shot, among the free toiletries they are sitting on, are some kid's books I won at a Chinese Auction years ago.  Mary Kate and Ashley books.  No wonder no one here ever read them.....
Also a couple of other picture type books and a set of Pokemon cards still in sheets from Burger King.

 Here is some really random stuff.....a Disney beanie, a Batman birthday candle, a Batman Spin Pop thingy, some assorted Happy Meal toys still in the packages and an Aaron Carter book underneath it all.
My daughter was obsessed with Aaron Carter when she was a preteen.  At 18, her taste in men has improved.....I think.

 Here is a shot of 4 vinatge board games I bought at a country auction over 10 years ago.  See what I mean about how I am good at acquiring but not so fast about getting rid of(one way or another)?
1 of these games is older than me!  Like me though, nobody wants this vintage stuff.

 A cat in the hat plush doll still in it's box.  It's suppose to talk when you pull the string...not so much.
3 bobblehead dolls of Kim Possible characters.  It was a Disney cartoon show.  I don't even remember it...I guess my kids didn't watch/like it.  Yes, even they have standards. ;-)  The one good thing about this show is alot of kids finally learned what a Naked Mole Rat is.
There is also a Hot Wheels calendar from
A Jimmy Neutron action figure....again with the Disney junk.  And a Star Wars Micro Machines toy I can't give away.....go figure.....

#2 son is "into" Ozzy now.  He calls his bass  He would kill me if he knew I was sending 3 Ozzy Dolls off to Sallies.  Please don't rat me out.

 4 sets of Nesting Dolls.....3 The Muppets themed ones and a set of Cheech & Chong dolls.  Too bad I knew hooked up with a pothead on eBay.....
There are also 2 Johnny Lightning brand cars in this box.  2 cars decorated with an "eBay" theme.  For awhile eBay wouldn't allow you to sell these on eBay.  eBay is schizophrenic like that sometimes.

But here is the best photo......
A collection of 8 Track tapes.
No, these are not mine.
Daughter's old boss from a couple of jobs ago gave them to her.
He was obviously decluttering HIS garage.
So Daughter brought them home to clutter OUR garage.
Some are broken(but could be fixed if you know what you are doing), some are missing labels.
They have sat in the garage for over a year now.
I question my daughter's judgement sometimes.....she brought these home and she doesn't have an 8-track player.
She's had a full year to find one and hasn't found the time or 'umph' to do out these babies go.

I am slowly reclaiming my garage.
How about you?



    And you know, for a fact, that I am reclaiming my garage.
    It's a great feeling, isn't it?
    Love the 8-tracks! m.

  2. I plan to take a load to the Good will this weekend and start the declutter!
    Good for you!

  3. mark--I am about to the point where I want a minimalist house! So sick of the years of mess...
    I can pretty much do this if I want to now tho because I only have one sullen teen left at home after next month...I'll just keep his door
    And seriously.....8 Track TAPES?!?! I don't know WHAT that girl was thinking....LOL I hated them when they were the HOT new thing and I hate them even more now.

    McVal--Good for you!....but how will you fit that in with your insanely busy weekend schedules? Or is there a rare lull this week?
    Be sure and take a photo or two and show your efforts off--that's almost as good as the actual

  4. Can I declutter by getting rid of hubs and the kids? I think this would end a lot of my problems. So now we know what I want for Mother's day.

  5. SonyaAnn--You have my permission. You are woman, hear you roar! ;-)

  6. YAY For Reclaiming Space!! And, don't worry...I won't rat you out!!! :)

  7. Did you know that I never clicked to follow your blog? What was I thinking!!! So, I've been a Stalker and not a Follower *hanging head in shame...

    But that has changed...I now am your faithful Follower Stalker!!! LOL ;)

  8. What a load!! Sally will be so happy to get all that stuff.


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