Thursday, April 30, 2009


This is the New Man in my Life. ;-)
I completed 8 Transactions during the KMart Super Doubles Event.
Here are my Final Numbers.....

Total Value of Items w/sale prices.....$532.66 ($517.51 before tax)
Add in the $5.00 Giftcard for buying the Kellogg's Cereal, and the Value of Items increases to...............................$537.66

Total Value of Coupons used.............$468.44

Total Out of Pocket Spent..................$64.22

Portion of OOP that was Tax.............$15.15

Percentage of Savings..................just under 89% Saved!

Ok, so here's what $64.22 Buys when you shop with me...

Glade Candles 11
Glade Large Candles 2
Glade Reed Diffusers 2
Pine-Sol 2
Purex Detergent 4
Renuzit TriScents 2
Renuzit TriScents Refills 2
Ziploc Bags 2
Better Than Ears Dog Treats 5
GoodLife Cat Treats 14
GoodLife Dog Food 2
Friskies Cat Treats 8
Pedigree Good Bites 16
Pedigree Dry Kibble 7
Pedigree Dentastix 9
Pedigree Marrobones 14
Purina Kibble & Chunks large bag 2
Purina Carvers Treats 1
Rachel Ray Dog Kibble 4
Temptations Cat Treats 4
Whiskas Cat Treats 4
Betty Crocker Frosting 2
Bliss Candy 5
Butterfinger 1
Campbell's Soups 4
Campfire Marshmallows 2
Hershey Kisses 1
Kellogg's/Post Cereal 5
Kraft Mayo 2
Kraft Dressing 8
Lipton Side Dishes 3
Pop-Tarts 2
Quaker Rice Snacks 4
Sobe 4
Vitamin Water 30
Dry Idea 2
Halls Cough Drops 3
Herbal Essence Shampoo 2
Razors 2
Vaseline Lotion 4

I had fun with Mr. BLue Light.....did you?



  1. I'll bet you are now exhausted! Fabulous job sniffing out the deals.

  2. Cool beans - loved reading each of your Kmart round posts!!!

  3. Centralillinoisian-yah, it has worn me out. But my wallet feels just fiiiiiiiine!lol

    Pretty-thanks! I'm glad I can amuse & entertain.
    Did you hit KMart for some shopping during this sale? Let us know!


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