Thursday, April 23, 2009


This post is for all my online friends who live in PA or can get to a GIANT of PA Grocery Store before this week's sale ends Sat. night.

See the light bulb pictured above? It's suppose to be better for the environment. It uses less Energy & provides equivalent lighting of the higher wattage bulbs. It is also suppose to last much longer than a traditional incandescent lightbulb. Less bulbs made and used=less natural resources consumed + less waste to dispose of after the lightbulb gives up it's last spark.
Ok, so the new problem is disposing of the trace amounts of heavy metals used in these new compact flourescent lightbulbs, so it's a trade-off you need to weigh for yourself.

Usually being GREENER comes at the expense of being THRIFTY. Face it, to be better for the environment when it comes to spending money on products, you most always have to spend more $.

But not today!

If you go HERE on the GE website, it links to a page where you can print out 2 coupons for $1 off 1 lightbulb. If you have more than one computer(with a printe hooked to it, of course), you can print 2 coupons from each computer. Some people also can use work computers to print coupons. (I wouldn't recommend that unless you have an official OK from your boss to print personal stuff from your work computer.)

After you have your coupons in hand, get to a Giant (of PA) Supermarket. They currently have these GE CFL Lightbulbs on sale-4 for $5. That, in and of itself IS an awesome price already. But if you combine the sale price with your $1 off coupon, you can get these Energy Smart Bulbs for .25¢.
Yes, I just said .25¢!

How is THAT for being both GREEN & THRIFTY?


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