Sunday, April 19, 2009

KMart conquered....Results-87% Savings

So Here is what I hauled home from Kmart today. My location had Triple Coupons up to .74¢ and Double Coupons from .75¢ to $4. I didn't use any under .75¢ Qs & I am pretty thin on the $4 Qs right now. The ones I do have are for very high priced items, that even when doubled would have cost more than I wanted to spend. Of course, this is NOT a Super KMart, so there are only 2 aisles of food products, a small cleaning supplies & a small paper products aisle. The toiletries and over-the-counter meds dept. is pretty large. Being KMart however, the regular shelf price of items is quite high compared to other stores. Most items, having high reg. prices, even with coupons doubled aren't free, unless that item happens to be on sale the week of the Double Coupons Promotion.

As I am full up with most toiletries, cleaning supplies & paper products, I was only looking to acquire items that were free with coupons or close to free. I did go over a buck on razors and mayo and spend most of my OOP $ on Doggy Treats. The puppies are fairly low on snacks and with 3 doggies, you have to keep them happy. ;-)

I'll list what I got and how much it cost with the photos......

8x Goodlife Cat Treats $2.00/Q$1+dbl$1=FREE (Q from 3/8 paper)
4x Friskies Party Mix $1.69/Q$1+dbl$.69=FREE (Q from 3/1 paper)
(These are to add to the SPCA Donation.)

1x Bic Comfort 3 Razors $5.29/Q$2+dbl$2=$1.29 (Q from 4/19 paper)
1x Bic Soleil Razors $5.29/Q$2+dbl$2=$1.29 (Q from 4/19 paper)
4x Dry Idea $3.49/Q$2+dbl$1.49=FREE (IP Q)
3x Hall's Cough Drops $1.34/Q$1+dbl$.34=FREE (Q from 3/29 paper)
4x Bliss/Clusters $2.99/Q$1+dbl$1=$3.96($.99 ea.) (Q from 3/1 paper)
4x Vaseline Lotion $2.50/Q$1.25+dbl$1.25=FREE (Q from 3/1 paper)
2x Herbal Essence $3.00/Q$1+dbl$1=$1.98($.99 ea.) (Q from 3/15 paper)

5x Better Than Ears Dog Treats $2.67/Q$1+dbl$1=$3.35($.67 ea.) (Q from 2/22 paper)
1x Carvers Dog Treats $3.49/Q$1.50+dbl$1.50=$.49 (Q from 2/8 paper)
1x Denta Stix Dog Treat $4.29/Q$2.50+dbl$1.79=FREE (Q from 4/19 paper)

2x Ziploc Bags $2.50/Q$1/2+dbl$1=$3.00($1.50 ea.)*needed these badly (Q from 1/11 paper)
2x Vitamin Water $1.00/Q.50¢+dbl.50¢=FREE (IP Q)
4x Sobe Water $1.00/QBOGO=$2.00(.50¢ ea.) (IP Q)

4x Good Bites $2.99/Q$1+dbl$1=$3.96(.99¢ ea.) (Q from 4/5 paper)
4x Mini Jumbones $2.99/Q$1+dbl$1=$3.96(.99¢ ea.) (Q from 4/5 paper)
4x MarrowBones $2.99/Q$1+dbl$1=$3.96(.99¢ ea.) (Q from 3/8 paper)
2x PopTarts $2.50/Q$1+dbl$1=$.98(.49¢ ea.) (Peelies)
8x Lg. Salad Dressings $2.67/Q$1.50+dbl$1.17=FREE (Q from 3/29 paper)
1x Mayo $3.49/Q$2=$1.49 (KMart CAT Q)
1x Marshmallows $1.29/Q$1+dbl$.29=FREE (Peelie)
1x Post Cereal $2.79/Q$1+dbl$1=.79¢ (Q from 4/5? paper)
4x Kelloggs Cereal $2.50/Q$1+dbl$1=$2.00(.50¢ ea.) (Q from 4/5 paper)
SubTotal $34.50
Done in 2 Transactions...Used 2x $5/$50 Kmart Coupons
Plus Sales Tax +$4.75
Grand Total OOP $29.25
Plus-I have a $5 KMart GiftCard coming for the 4 Cereals I bought. ($3 of that Gift Card is pure profit.)
Coupons Used $164.61
Value of Items w/sale prices $189.11
Savings of.......87%!
The Cereal GiftCard has to be mailed away for. Be sure and get a MIR form from the Customer Service Desk before you leave the store.
For every 3 Kraft Dressings or Miracle Whips or Mayos you buy, the register generates a CAT for $2 off Dressing/Miracle Whip or Mayo. I bought 4 dressings per order and got the Cat, so on my second order I used that CAT Q to get a Mayo for $1.49. A pretty good price & I was almost out anyway. That order(with the 2nd 4 dressings generated another $2 off CAT so I'll go back sometime this week and get another cheap Mayo.
One of the Kellogg's Cereal boxes had a $1 off Marshmallows Peelie. Luckily my Kmart had marshmallows in the junk food aisle, so I got a bag of those free too.
The second transaction also generated a Free GiftCard on a new/transferred Rx at the Pharmacy so if I go back this week, I'll have the daughter's script refilled at Kmart and use the $10 GC + another $5/$50 IF I can find $50 worth of stuff that is free or real cheap w/Qs.
That's my report in from KMart in PA.
Happy Hunting everyone!


  1. Everyone is making me jealous with all of their loot from Kmart. Good job and I think that I need to plan a trip to the big K.
    Thank you and good job.

  2. You got some great deals. I saw the $1 off coupon for the Better than Ears dog treats, and now I can't find it. Could you give me the link to where you got it from?
    Thank you!
    Kristin in Ohio

  3. Kristin in Ohio,
    I used the sunday paper insert coupons for the Better Than Ears. If you go here.... you can get a coupon for BTEs mailed to you. This won't help much to use at Kmart this week but it IS a coupon for another day. I believe the BTEs coupons were from the 2/22 coupon inserts.
    Thanks for the comment and good luck with your Kmart hunting!

  4. Thanks for the comment Centralillinoisian. It's always nice to see you here.

  5. SonyaAnn,
    If your Big K is anything like mine, I'd make that trip asap if you plan on doing one. I stopped back in today and it looks like a plaque of locusts have hit the store between when I was there sunday morning and just after noon today!lol My store will be bare by friday at this rate. The cashier said they have been busy all day b/c of this coupons 'foolishness'. I'm guessing she is NOT a fan of coupons, huh?lol
    At any rate I'll keep printing up
    Vitamin Water coupons and keep going to get free Vitamin Water everyday there, until sunday. ;-))


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