Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crabcakes have left the Building FINALLY!!!

We FINALLY had the CRAB CAKES for dinner....yay!!!

Not the frugalest of meals(2 cakes each x 5)but I'd bet you making them at home was ALOT cheaper than ordering them at a restaurant.

Let me get my receipt out and see what the cost per serving was.....

1lb. lump crabmeat on sale $6.99
1lb. claw crabmeat on sale $8.99
1/2 lg. onion $.30
1/2 c. mayo $.31
4 eggs $.33
2 cup soda crackers $.50
assorted spices & worcestershire $.25
1/2 cup vegetable oil $.50

$18.17 made a double batch-16 crabcakes, so $1.14 per portion.

After I made the 10 needed for last night's meal, I had enough of the crab mixture left to make 6 more crabcakes, so I formed them and froze in foil for another meal. I'll use them for a dinner when one of the kids won't be here(since 6 won't be enough to feed the whole tribe)or fix some fish along with them so we have enough protein for everyone. I could also use them for a special lunch treat for company instead.

I also made Harvard Beets from scratch for this meal. Beets are very good for you and if you fix them harvard style(with sugar & vinegar), even your kids will like them! Beets from scratch are not hard. Just peel them, slice them, boil them in water until softened. Use the water you boiled the beets in to make your 'sauce'(water, vinegar, sugar & cornstarch boiled for 5 minutes) and pour over the beets.

The carb tonight was steak fries from scratch. My peeler sure got a work out tonight, huh?lol

Crabcakes...$1.14 each.

Beets.....$.50 serving approx.

French Fries...$.25 serving approx.

About $1.89-$3.03(for 2 cakes) per person.

What does a crabcake dinner run you at a seafood restaurant.....$16?....$18? You get a couple of maybe fresh-made/maybe frozen crab cakes, a salad & a potato.
$18 restaurant vs. $3 homemade....they sure have a nice profit margin, don't they?lol

Add in another $2-3 for a drink and a $3-4 tip and it's $21-$25 per Person to eat this meal out!
Would you rather spend $3 eating it at home or $25 eating it out?

The point is, you can have those expensive food items people order out at restaurants for a reasonable cost if you make them yourself at home. By being frugal, buying on sale & couponing, you should be able to 'eek' out a bit of money in your food budget to splurge every now and again on pricier ingredients. You can't be expected to eat rice & beans and beans & rice every night for life, can you?
Treating yourself to crabcakes or filet mignon is ok if you make it at home. It will still be more than you usually spend but alot cheaper than blowing up your entire month's budget on 1 expensive meal at a fancy-pants eatery.
I can find better things to do with that leftover save it!


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  1. Hurray for finally having the crab cakes! You did a great job on dinner. Harvard Beets is one of my all time favorites. I love to serve it with baked pork chops & apples and some macaroni and cheese.
    Looks like a ***** meal. (that's five stars, not a bleeped out cuss word) :)


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