Friday, April 17, 2009

GREEN & THRIFTY THURSDAY...Eating Locally & A Cool Video!

It's GREEN & THRIFTY THURSDAY so here's today's GREEN TIP.

What is better for the planet than eating locally?
Ok, some foods can't be grown where you live and must be shipped to your locale. Illinois weather is not conducive to the growing of cocoa beans & banana plantation won't thrive in Connecticut's environment to name a few examples where eating locally wouldn't apply.
But why must apples be shipped from California to sell in New York, when New York grows perfectly good apples already? Heck, some companies in the food industry are such massive behemoth corporations that foods regularly get shipped to their warehouses or distribution centers halfway across the country, just to be repacked and shipped right back for consumption in the home state where they were grown.
I find that crazy and just W-R-O-N-G!
That Florida tomato may be consumed in Florida but what's the point in taking that tomato for a crosscountry road trip before you get to sink your teeth into it?

It may be good for the business, but it's certainly bad for the environment & YOU.
Think of all those petrochemicals used & carbon monoxide generated by transporting that tomato & his little tomato buddies thousands of miles!

Additionally, it's not doing anything for the taste of that tomato. Tomato/Tomahto may no longer be as 'fresh' after it's travels AND the company has to grown a type of tomato for it's longevity rather than it's TASTE.
If you've ever eaten a store bought tomato you KNOW what I am talking about!

So here's to eating locally! Eat what is grown closer to home if given the chance. To make sure it's not well-traveled, buy your food from smaller suppliers right in your community(like local farm markets, farm stands, food co-ops, etc.). With the weather warming up, it will be possible for most parts of the country to eat more locally obtained foods.

An online friend sent me the video above. Her step-nephew and some friends call themselves the Organic Gangsters (The Real OG's). They created it to enter the "My Co-op Rocks" Video Contest. Now, I'm not phishing for votes for them, but give it a view. I thought it was quite good! And it has a GREAT message to impart.


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