Sunday, April 19, 2009

KMart has been conquered!

Like General McArthur said....."I have returned."
Returned from KMart, that is.
Loaded down with bags from the Super Double Coupon Sale.

I'll try to get pics and the rundown of what I brought home later today.
But first, I need to feed the family.
Oh, and unload the car too.
Somebody want to come help me with that second item on my To Do List?lol

Later 'Gators....
Sluggy-firing up the grill

1 comment:

  1. After I moved here I went online to K to find out where the stores are locally, only to find there are none! They moved out of here. My shopping choices are seriously limited.

    I have no place that will do double coupons. And basically there is one grocery chain that has a stranglehold on the entire area. There are Super Targets and Super Walmarts and one lone Whole Foods. Slim Pickin's!!

    Enjoy what you have and be thankful.


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