Monday, April 27, 2009

Meal Plan Monday April 27th Edition

The Meal Plan for last week went off without a hitch until we hit Friday.
I didn't feel well for a couple of days so hubby winged it alone. The Cheese Ravioli he could handle aok(and made on Friday instead) and while daughter and I were off smashing up my minivan, he whipped up sandwiches for himself & #2 son instead of the Scallops, so those will be put on this week's menu plan. I hope these Scallops don't turn up to follow in the footsteps of the elusive Crab Cakes! If so, you could be hearing about them for weeks on

Again, we are eating from the pantry/freezer this week. Shopping list consists of the chicken(I bought on Monday), a bag of salad(also bought on Monday), carrots, grits, some pepperoni and rolls(if I don't feel up to baking them this week with the heat and my sinuses being all goofy).

I am happy to report that we had.....drum roll please......NO FOOD WASTE this week!
Can I get an Amen?

Leftovers got eaten....

Of course, the puppies did have to consume some "kid flavoured" yogurt.
Not that the yogurt was flavoured like Kids, but it's that yogurt they market toward kids in crazy colors and too much sugar in it. Daughter wanted me to buy it but she decided that the 'orange' ones didn't taste good, so the female beagle volunteered to finish those up. I swear that dog eats anything!

I'll be keeping a watchful eye on the leftover situation in the fridge this week. I hope I feel better in the next couple of days or I'll be saying "screw it" to the meal plan after having collapsed into bed & letting hubby take all the family meals from the Colonel, the King, the Clown & the Bell.

If I can stay vertical, here's what is on the Menu at Sluggy's house this week.

MONDAY-Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast, Mashed Garlic Potatoes or Macaroni Salad(both leftovers), Corn on the Cob's going to be too HOT to cook!
THURSDAY-Bourbon Bacon Scallops, Cheese Polenta(grits), Grilled Squash
FRIDAY-Macaroni & Cheese, Ham, Mixed Veggies
SATURDAY-Pizza, Salad
SUNDAY-Sausage Sandwiches, Potato Salad, Corn
DESSERTS FOR THE WEEK-Strawberries, Carrot Cake, Sherbet

My Bargain Meal this week....could be any one of 3-the Grilled Chicken Meal, the Tacos or the homemade Pizza. With the Grilled Chicken you only have the cost of the chicken(which I got at a reduced price Monday afternoon), seasonings and the corn(great price direct from the farmer of .18¢ an ear that I froze last summer). The Mac. Salad and the Garlic Mashed are both leftovers so no cost on those. Tacos or Pizza are both fairly frugal entrees--a have cheap cheese from a stock-up for both and these two use small amounts of meat, with the pizza using hardly any or none at all if we do a vegetarian pizza.
I just don't feel like picking one and doing the cost analysis this week.
It's my blog and if I don't feel like it, too too bad. ;-P

I also owe ya'll some recipes from last week-the Lemon Pepper Chicken w/Zucchini and the different French Toast. Once I get my sinuses shrunk down to normal size, I'll be posting those recipes this week.
Pinky Swear.

Organizing Junkie is the home to Menu Plan Monday. Go see what's on her and many other Home Cooks' Menus for the week at Organizing Junkie's website.


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