Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Meal Plan Monday April 20th Edition

I'm a day behind blogging here so excuse my tardiness on the Menu.

The Meal Plan for last week went well. Crab Cakes were enjoyed by all FINALLY! The Mystery Meal turned out to be LAMB I marinated and grilled out, leftover asparagus from Easter dinner and Garlic Mashed Potatoes. I picked up the lamb for cheap in an after Easter sale at the grocery store. I never see lamb on sale here, so I jumped on that deal. Sunday we grilled out burgers and dogs since the weather was so nice instead of having Calzones. Calzones will happen Next week....maybe.....if ricotta is on sale.

I'll be posting later in the week about a new treatment for French Toast I made last friday AND my recipe for Lena's Chicken & Zuchinni so check back. My BEEF PIE recipe link is below.

We have very little in the way of leftovers generated from last week's meals....only a tiny bit of chili, beets & a hot dog.

Food Waste this week was about a cup of mixed veggies in a cheese sauce. It was a leftover from 2 weeks ago that got pushed to the back of the shelf in the fridge. This is something I don't feed to the dogs so out it went since the sauce made it not so good for composting.
Speaking of composting....Hubby threw out some veggie scraps instead of composting them. He caught heck from me for that!lol

Still eating mostly from the pantry stockpile/freezer this week, except wednesday's main course is being bought on wed.-frozen pizzas. (It's a sale and the last day for the sale.) Since I have no room in the freezer for those big unwieldy boxes, they will be eaten that night for dinner.lol Outside of some fresh produce I need to pick up, everything is on hand here for the weekly menu.

Here's what is on the Menu at Sluggy's house this week.

MONDAY-Lena's Lemon Pepper Chicken w/Zuchinni, Rice
TUESDAY-Pot Roast, Carrots, Onions, Beets, Potatoes
WEDNESDAY-Pizza, Salad
THURSDAY-Beef Stroganoff(leftover pot roast), Rice, Tuscan Veggies
FRIDAY-Bourbon Bacon Scallops, Cheese Polenta(grits), Spinach
SATURDAY-Cheese Ravioli, Salad

DESSERTS FOR THE WEEK-Brownie, Brownies & more Brownies, Strawberries

My Bargain Meal this week is the Beef Pie. Replace the dough topping with Cornbread. That makes it a 'lighter' twist on the Shepherd's Pie idea. I also don't use potatoes in mine. The cornbread is enough carbohydrate and you get plenty of veggie with the onion, carrot & green beans, so the potatoes aren't needed to balance the dish. I'll be making both beef and turkey versions on Sunday, as daughter is not eating red meat any longer. Go see the recipe HERE

1lb. Ground Beef...$1.69(gotten on sale)
1/2 lb.Carrots......$.50
1/2 lb.Green Beans....$.75
1 med. Onion.....$.25
2 cans Tomato Soup...$1.08(Target .54 ea.)
2 boxes Cornbread Mix...$1.00(on sale .50 ea. last week)
2 Eggs.....$.00(free eggs last week)
2/3 cup Milk.....$.30
1 bouillion cube...$.08

Ingredients Total...$5.56

Serving Cost....$.93 each for 6 Generous Servings.

Organizing Junkie is the home to Menu Plan Monday. Go see what's on her and many other Home Cooks' Menus for the week at Organizing Junkie's website.


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